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Take Control of

Joe Kissell

macOS 14 Sonoma makes your Mac more secure and easier to use, with a wide array of new and improved features. Learn how to upgrade your Mac from an earlier version of macOS, find your way around Sonoma, use new features, and discover extensive changes to built-in apps such as Safari and Messages.

All Take Control books are delivered in two ebook formats—PDF and EPUB—and can be read on nearly any device.


Sonoma is Apple’s latest effort to make Macs even more powerful and easier to use, and Joe Kissell is back with a complete guide to the upgrade process, as well as an in-depth look at what’s new. People participating in video calls or sharing their screens via FaceTime, Zoom, and similar apps have some helpful new tools at their disposal. Widgets can now live on your desktop. Messages adds usability features, Safari offers greater privacy and flexibility, and Notes includes hyperlinks and better PDF support. Take Control of Sonoma walks you through all these changes and many more.

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This book teaches you things like:

  • How to tell whether your Mac is compatible with Sonoma
  • Steps you should take before upgrading
  • How to perform an in-place upgrade—or do a clean install and migrate your old data from a backup
  • What’s new in the System Settings app
  • Using new Safari 17 features, such as profiles that separate your Safari data into multiple contexts, turning any website into a standalone app, sharing passwords and passkeys securely, and browsing the web with greater privacy
  • How to put widgets on your desktop
  • Navigating long, multi-person Messages conversations more easily, using filters to narrow down searches, sharing your location (or requesting someone else’s) within Messages, and more easily working with stickers
  • Creating categories in Reminders to organize your lists, and getting alerts before a scheduled task is supposed to occur
  • Viewing complete PDFs within Notes and easily creating link that take you from one note to another
  • Improving your privacy and security by securely sharing passwords and passkeys and using information from your keychain in apps besides Safari
  • Small but interesting changes throughout macOS, such as accessibility improvements, a less-annoying Autocorrect feature (plus inline typing predictions), AutoFill for PDFs, and new capabilities for AirPods, dictation, screen savers, wallpaper, your lock screen, and screen sharing (among other features)
  • Improvements to bundled apps, including FaceTime, Find My, Home, Mail, Music, Photos, and Siri
Joe Kissell

About Joe Kissell

Take Control publisher Joe Kissell has written more than 60 books about technology, including many popular Take Control books. He formerly wrote for publications such as Macworld, Wirecutter, and TidBITS. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife and their two sons.

  • Read Me First
    • Updates and More
  • Introduction
  • Sonoma Quick Start
  • Take In the Scenic View
    • Find Out What’s New in Sonoma
    • Catch Up with macOS Changes
  • Check Your Mac for Compatibility
    • Model Support
    • RAM
    • Free Disk Space
    • Solid-State Storage
  • Upgrade to Sonoma
    • Update Your Third-Party Software
    • Back Up Your Disk
    • Decide on an Installation Method
    • Learn About Upgrades via Software Update
    • Make Final Preparations
    • Upgrade Using Plan A: In‑Place Upgrade
    • Upgrade Using Plan B: Clean Install
    • Perform Post-Installation Tasks
    • Troubleshoot Upgrade Problems
    • How to Downgrade macOS
  • Adapt to Sonoma Changes
    • Get Your Visual Bearings
    • Update Your Backup Strategy
    • Explore System Settings
  • Enhance Video Conferencing
    • Use Presenter Features
    • Enhance Video Calls
  • Work with Widgets
    • Understand Desktop Changes
    • Use Widgets on Your Desktop
    • Put Widgets in Notification Center
  • Do More with Messages
    • Search Messages More Effectively
    • Catch Up with Long Conversations
    • Swipe to Reply
    • Share and Request Locations
    • See All Your Stickers Together
  • Meet Safari 17
    • Use Multiple Profiles
    • Turn a Webpage into an App
    • Browse More Privately
  • Take Notes Further
    • Work with PDFs in Notes
    • Link Related Notes
    • Move a Note to Pages
  • Mind Your Reminders
    • Reminder Sections
    • Column View
    • Automatic Grocery List Sorting
    • Mark Reminders as Complete in Widgets
    • Early Notifications
  • Manage Your Privacy and Security
    • Share Passwords and Passkeys
    • Get Help Avoiding Keychain Access
    • Use Keychain in Other Browsers
    • Use Keychain in Other Apps
    • Improve Communication Safety
    • Enable Sensitive Content Warnings
    • Set Granular Photo Permissions
    • Set Write-Only Calendar Permissions
    • Monitor Cameras & Screen Recording
  • Discover Other System Improvements
    • Accessibility
    • AirPods
    • Autocorrect
    • Dictation
    • Game Mode
    • Inline Typing Predictions
    • PDF AutoFill
    • Screen Savers, Wallpaper, and Lock Screen
    • Screen Sharing
    • Siri
    • Visual Look Up
  • Explore Other App Improvements
    • FaceTime
    • Find My
    • Home
    • Mail
    • Music
    • Photos
  • About This Book
    • Ebook Extras
    • About the Author and Publisher
  • Also by Joe Kissell
  • Copyright and Fine Print

Joe Kissell discusses Sonoma on MacVoices

Posted by Joe Kissell on September 19, 2023

Joe Kissell joined host Chuck Joiner on MacVoices to talk about Take Control of Sonoma.

In part one, Joe talks about the upgrade process (and how to decide whether to upgrade) and some of the new features in Sonoma.

In part two, Joe complains says more about Sonoma’s new features.


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