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Take Control of Slack Basics
May 29, 2016

Take Control of Slack Basics

Use Slack to communicate effectively with your group and avoid being swamped!

The Slack group messaging system can be overwhelming, but with Glenn Fleishman’s real-world advice, new users can come up to speed quickly, and more experienced users will find numerous techniques for participating more efficiently.

Slack is all about communication, so you’ll learn how to write, edit, and react to messages; use snippets, posts, and audio calls to collaborate with team members; and create and manage both channels and direct message conversations.

You’ll also see how to configure Slack’s flexible notification system so you’re alerted appropriately but not nagged. Plus, Glenn covers how to search old messages effectively, how to make Slack your control center by centralizing reports from other services via integrations, and numerous techniques for improving your productivity in (and with) Slack.

Join us in SlackBITS! Dip your toes into Slack via our public Slack group, where everyone is invited to ask questions and share tips about Slack, plus chat about Apple-related topics. No special software is necessary!

Some Slack capabilities are restricted to admins, and this book’s companion title Take Control of Slack Admin explains how to set up and manage a team. Slack offers a free plan, so if you find Slack helpful at work, consider setting it up for your birding club or sports team too!

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More Info

Questions answered for you in this book include:

  • How do people find and enter those little emoji icons in messages?
  • Is there any way to edit the message I just posted so I can fix a mistake?
  • Are there more channels in my Slack team? How do I find them?
  • What does it mean when names in the sidebar are bold or italic?
  • What do the numbers next to channel or conversation names indicate?
  • How can I reduce the number of notifications I get on my iPhone?
  • Can I have Slack send me email for important notifications?
  • How private are direct messages? What about private channels?
  • What, exactly is Slackbot, and why is it talking to me?
  • How do I find old conversations from last month?
  • What techniques can I employ to be more productive in Slack?
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What You’ll Get

After finalizing your order, you’ll download a Zip archive containing a copy of both books, in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket formats, suitable for distribution within your organization. You may upload the files to your Slack team, place them on a central file server, or distribute in whatever other way makes sense for your situation as long as they are restricted to members of your organization.

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Safari Online?

Safari Online, run by O’Reilly Media, is an online collection of ebooks and videos about technical topics. It can be an ideal way to provide employees with access to a huge library of content. All Take Control ebooks are included in Safari Online, and this one will be there shortly.

  1. Slack Adds Threads

    Slack has finally added one of its most requested features: threads! Updated versions of Slack for all platforms and the Web now allow you to start a thread in reply to any message. Threads are shown in both a channel-specific sidebar in the Web and desktop apps, and in a pane in the mobile apps. You can also view threads in which you’re a participant in a new All Threads/New Threads view reachable from the sidebar. I wrote a TidBITS article explaining the feature and how best to use it.

    At this writing, we have no plans to update this book. The addition of threading didn’t change other features in the ecosystem.

    Posted by Adam Engst (Permalink)

  2. Glenn Cuts Us All Some Slack on MacVoices

    It’s rare when an author shows up with two books to discuss on MacVoices, but Glenn (who can sometimes talk twice as fast as normal humans) was up to the task, helping to lead Chuck Joiner through both the basics of Slack and some of its administrative features in his discussion of his latest duology, Take Control of Slack Basics and Take Control of Slack Admin.

    Posted by Adam Engst (Permalink)

The Author

Glenn Fleishman is a veteran technology writer who has contributed to dozens of publications across his career, including Macworld, the New York Times, Wired, the Atlantic, and the Economist. He has also written dozens of editions of books in the Take Control series. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife and two children.