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Take Control of Slack Admin
May 29, 2016

Take Control of Slack Admin

Adjust settings, create culture, and manage integrations to make your Slack team sing!

The Slack group messaging system is hot stuff these days, whether you’re hoping to reduce email overload and encourage more productive communication in a Fortune 500 company, Internet-based small business, volunteer-run non-profit organization, academic workgroup, or high school robotics club. Over 60,000 teams (free and paid) and nearly 3 million people use Slack every day, and with help from Slack expert Glenn Fleishman, you can too.

Based on hundreds of person-hours of testing, this book is designed to help both the novice admin and any IT staff tasked with managing Slack. Those getting started will learn how to plan and create a new team, configuring channels and administrative settings to shape how the team works. You’ll also learn how integrations can radically extend Slack’s capabilities, helping to make Slack a control center rather than just another communications stream.

Perhaps most important for the highly technical admin, Glenn offers advice about the human side of the Slack equation, making suggestions for how you can deal with prickly team members, poor behavior, and even discussions that could violate employment policies.

You will also want to read this book’s companion title, Take Control of Slack Basics, and you can save 20% with the bundle to the left. Since so many aspects of Slack are accessible by non-admins, that comprehensive book documents numerous capabilities that you must know about as an admin — and that you’ll want your users to know, so they don’t have to turn to you for every question. Finally, to aid in training your users, Take Control of Slack Admin offers a free slide deck and handout you can use to provide a 30,000-foot overview of what’s in Take Control of Slack Basics.

Educate your entire team — whether that’s 5 people or 500 — and reduce your support load with a site license for Take Control of Slack Basics! Click Bulk Discounts below for discounts starting at 50% off.

More Info

Join us in SlackBITS! Dip your toes into Slack via our public Slack group, where everyone is invited to ask questions and share tips about Slack, plus chat about Apple-related topics.

Questions answered for you in this book include:

  • Will Slack work for my organization? (Very likely, unless you need HIPAA compliance or are required to host all services internally.)
  • Can I get away with using a free team instead of a paid team?
  • How can I bring outside consultants and freelancers into my Slack team?
  • What are good ways to keep my users from creating too many channels?
  • Are there integrations I can use to centralize communications in Slack?
  • What is Slack’s message retention policy, and can I override it?
  • Is there any way to export all messages for compliance reasons?
  • Can I have messages automatically deleted after a period of time?
  • What techniques can I use to keep my users in line?
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What You’ll Get

After finalizing your order, you’ll download a Zip archive containing a copy of both books, in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket formats, suitable for distribution within your organization. You may upload the files to your Slack team, place them on a central file server, or distribute in whatever other way makes sense for your situation as long as they are restricted to members of your organization.

Bulk Purchase Questions?

If you have any questions about how the bulk purchase process works, ways in which you can distribute the books, or anything else associated with bulk purchases, please contact publisher Adam Engst.

Safari Online?

Safari Online, run by O’Reilly Media, is an online collection of ebooks and videos about technical topics. It can be an ideal way to provide employees with access to a huge library of content. All Take Control ebooks are included in Safari Online, and this one will be there shortly.

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    It’s rare when an author shows up with two books to discuss on MacVoices, but Glenn (who can sometimes talk twice as fast as normal humans) was up to the task, helping to lead Chuck Joiner through both the basics of Slack and some of its administrative features in his discussion of his latest duology, Take Control of Slack Basics and Take Control of Slack Admin.

    Posted by Adam Engst (Permalink)

The Author

Glenn Fleishman is a veteran technology writer who has contributed to dozens of publications across his career, including Macworld, the New York Times, Wired, the Atlantic, and the Economist. He has also written dozens of editions of books in the Take Control series. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife and two children.