Digital Sharing for Apple Users: A Take Control Crash Course
by Joe Kissell

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Table of Contents

Choose a File Sharing Method

When the type of file you want to share is a photo or video, you’ll most likely use one of the sharing methods discussed in the preceding chapters, since they were designed for that specific purpose. But for other kinds of files—documents, PDFs, disk images, and so on—the ways of getting them from Point A to Point B are so numerous and varied that you might have trouble even deciding on a path to follow.

The next five chapters don’t cover every possible way to share files. Instead, they provide simple instructions for the most useful and popular ways to share files. Which ones should you use under various circumstances? Here’s a quick guide.

Sharing with Yourself

The first question to consider is whether you intend to share files with other devices of your own or with other people. If your main goal is to make certain files available to yourself on other devices, you have two main options:

Sharing with Other People

When sharing files with other people, the method you choose depends mainly on the mode of sharing you want to use (as explained in the Introduction):