Digital Sharing for Apple Users: A Take Control Crash Course
by Joe Kissell

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Sync Photos and Videos across Devices

When you take (or import) photos with one of your Apple devices, you probably want them to appear on all your other Apple devices too. The easiest method is to sync them by way of the cloud. iCloud offers two ways to do this—My Photo Stream (which syncs photos as you go and is described in this chapter) and iCloud Photo Library (which syncs your entire library and is covered in the next chapter, Sync a Photo Library across Devices). Dropbox offers several additional alternatives.

To help make a good decision about which iCloud technique(s) you should use, I begin this chapter with an overview of how they compare.

iCloud Photo Options

My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library both sync photos across your devices via the cloud, but they differ in almost every other detail.

My Photo Stream

iCloud Photo Library

Set Up My Photo Stream

You can use My Photo Stream with or without iCloud Photo Library (see next chapter). To set up My Photo Stream:

**①** Enable My Photo Stream here.
Enable My Photo Stream here.

Use My Photo Stream to Sync Photos

With My Photo Stream enabled, photos you take on an iOS device sync to iCloud automatically (assuming you’re using Wi-Fi), and from there, to your other devices.

Similarly, if you import photos (say, from your digital camera) into Photos, iPhoto, or Aperture on your Mac, they begin syncing to iCloud immediately.

View Synced Photos

Dropbox Photo Options

If you use Dropbox, you have a couple of additional ways to sync photos across devices. You can do this instead of using iCloud, or in addition (if you want the security of extra copies).