Video Screenshots, Examples, and Downloads

To view any of the video screenshots, visit Arnie's Web examples, or download files referenced in Take Control of Getting Started with Dreamweaver, use the links below.

Viewing Tips

Video Screenshots

The Interface

  • Learn Interface Basics
    Listen and watch as Arnie orients you to the menu bar, Insert window (which looks a lot like a toolbar), and Property inspector. Also, learn about panels accessed via the Window menu, such as the Files panel and the CSS Styles panel.
  • Meet the Property Inspector
    Explore various modes of the Property inspector by hovering over a Property inspector element to see a pop-up message about how to use it.



  • Link with Point-to-File
    Save time and reduce errors when you link two files on your site using the Point-to-File feature.

Web Example

  • Liquid Layers
    See layers that adjust on the fly as you change the width of your browser's window.


Use these files as you work through the instructions in the ebook: