Sonoma (14.0)

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  • Take Control of Photos cover

    Take Control of Photos

    This book introduces you to the many features of Apple’s Photos app on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, with advice on navigating the interface, editing your images, searching your library like a pro, syncing with iCloud Photos, sharing photos with others, and creating photo books.

  • Take Control of Your Apple ID cover

    Take Control of Your Apple ID

    The center of the Apple world is the Apple ID. This little identifier ties up your access to iCloud, to purchased and streaming music, TV, and movies, and to all your devices. While an Apple ID account is critical, Apple has made it difficult to navigate the many features associated with it—and particularly to troubleshoot when things go wrong. This book helps you manage your password, enhanced security, and account details, and recovery options, like the Recovery Key and Recovery Contact. You will find it invaluable as a guide for every-day Apple ID questions, and in a pinch when you’re at wit’s end.

  • Take Control of Find My and AirTags cover

    Take Control of Find My and AirTags

    Take Control of Find My and AirTags takes you inside Apple’s Find My ecosystem. Once solely a way to track where your iPhone was, now Find My encompasses so much more. You can follow people’s location (with permission) and share yours; find misplaced Apple and Beats audio hardware, even down to a single lost earbud; and track and share AirTags and third-party items attached to or in your bag, car, bike, and more.

  • Take Control of Sonoma cover

    Take Control of Sonoma

    macOS 14 Sonoma makes your Mac more secure and easier to use, with a wide array of new and improved features. Learn how to upgrade your Mac from an earlier version of macOS, find your way around Sonoma, use new features, and discover extensive changes to built-in apps such as Safari and Messages.

  • Take Control of Your Digital Photos cover

    Take Control of Your Digital Photos

    This book gives you the information you need to build and maintain a digital photo workflow that makes it easy to import, rate, tag, and store photos to find them quickly and easily later. It helps you spend more time on the enjoyable aspects of photography—capturing and viewing your photos—and less on the mundane but essential task of managing all your photos. It also puts you in the best position to quickly find and edit your most promising photos.

  • Take Control of Your Paperless Office cover

    Take Control of Your Paperless Office

    The paperless office doesn’t have to be a myth! Turn paper into usable digital files, reducing clutter and increasing convenience. This book helps you assess your situation, develop a strategy, and learn clever techniques for keeping more paper at bay—with detailed discussion of the hardware, software, and processes needed to get the job done.


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