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  • Take Control of High Sierra

    Take Control of High Sierra


    Discover the newest features of High Sierra with _Take Control of High Sierra_ by former Macworld editor Scholle McFarland. You’ll learn great details about High Sierra, including what has changed behind the scenes and what’s new in Apple apps like Safari and Mail. You’ll also get helpful tips on using High Sierra, including how best to customize it to your needs.

  • Take Control of TextExpander

    Take Control of TextExpander


    Put more effort into creative thought and less into repetitive typing with TextExpander, the award-winning text expansion utility from Smile. Whether you want to type faster or you already use TextExpander but want to harness its power more fully, author Michael Cohen helps you save time and leads you to typing nirvana.

  • Take Control of LaunchBar

    Take Control of LaunchBar


    Let LaunchBar’s superpowers save you from a lifetime of Mac drudgery! You’ll learn how to use LaunchBar to do nearly everything on your Mac faster: open apps and documents, tag and untag files, search your favorite Web sites, paste from clipboard history, insert pre-made text snippets, send email attachments, juggle files in the Finder, and much more. Don’t miss our Joy of Take comic!

Showing all 3 results