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Take Control of

Andy Affleck

Start podcasting or take your podcast to the next level with start-to-finish guidance from Andy Affleck. You’ll learn tricks of the trade as you assemble your hardware and software, make recordings, edit and mix the audio, and encode and publish your shows. This book covers all the steps needed to make a podcast using a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

All Take Control books are delivered in three ebook formats—PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle)—and can be read on nearly any device.


Create your own podcast—or improve an existing podcast—using your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch! This book walks you through every step of the process, from choosing equipment and software through recording, editing, mixing, and polishing. Once your audio is in the can, you’ll find real-world advice and steps for encoding and publishing your episodes. This book replaces and updates Andy’s earlier title, Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac, with up-to-date instructions and complete coverage of iOS and iPadOS devices.

The book includes more than dozen sound samples from various combinations of mics, positions, filters, and processing, so that you can hear the differences before you buy any special gear.

"Our school podcast is sounding much more professional now that we’re using software recommended in the book and following Andy’s tips."
   —Mark Warner, Teacher

Take Control of Podcasting provides the help you need for creating podcasts on a Mac, iOS, or iPadOS device:

  • Plan your podcast. Decide on a topic and format, decide on a production schedule, learn common terms and techniques, and think about monetization strategies.
  • Choose the right mic, headphones, and other equipment. Pick out audio gear while considering your budget and studio (or mobile!) needs. Plus, you’ll learn if you should buy additional audio hardware, like a breakout box or mixer, and find an explanation (with photos) of the main cable types that you’ll come across.
  • Pick audio software. Apps discussed at length include GarageBand for Mac and iOS/iPadOS, Audacity, Audio Hijack, Ferrite Recording Studio, and Voice Record Pro. Apps that are discussed briefly include Amadeus Pro, Ecamm Call Recorder, Fission, Izotope RX Elements, Loopback, Sound Studio, SoundSoap, and The Levelator. The book also mentions using Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype for interviews and remote recording, as well as various web-based podcasting platforms.
  • Learn key recording tips. Find advice about how to prepare for and conduct a successful interview, plus get a few essential tips for using a mic well.
  • Record in the studio or the field. Get step-by-step recording directions for GarageBand for Mac and iOS/iPadOS, as well as Audacity, Ferrite Recording Studio, Voice Record Pro, and Audio Hijack.
  • Record online interviews. Follow the book’s steps for recording an interview online through services such as Skype and FaceTime.
  • Edit and mix your audio. Find directions for removing unwanted noises and pauses, adding professional polish, and generally editing and mixing a recording.
  • Encode your podcast files. Before you send your podcast episode out on the internet, you’ll want to save it in the right format and add tags.
  • Get syndicated with RSS. Understand what should be in a podcast’s RSS feed.
  • Be a publisher! Get ideas for blog services that can host your podcast and related blog posts, and find directions for publishing your podcast in Apple’s iTunes Store and setting up a blog for podcasting.
  • What do other podcasters do? Find out about the gear and techniques used by podcasters Chuck Joiner (MacVoices), Jason Snell (The Incomparable), Louis Trapani (Doctor Who: Podshock), and Kirk McElhearn (The Committed).
  • Join a community. The book includes a link to a website Andy created to help podcasters share tips and get advice.
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About Andy Affleck

Andy J. Williams Affleck built Dartmouth College’s first website in 1993, created the original website for the sitcom Friends, and started a virtual community that’s still around over 25 years later. When he’s not producing podcasts, he’s a Technical Account Manager for Automattic by day and an actor/director and executive director of Rhode Island’s Swamp Meadow Community Theatre by night.

The three major editions of Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac covered the Mac with a few side trips to discuss using an iPhone as a portable digital recorder. Because this book adds the iPad and iPhone as full podcasting tools, it has a new title. But if you have read the earlier versions, much of this will be familiar to you. Here is a quick rundown of what’s new:

  • Updated the content to bring this book into the current era.
  • Added additional coverage of using iPads and/or iPhones, including advice on how to pick a platform for podcasting, how to record with Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS/iPadOS, and how to edit with Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS/iPadOS.
  • Updated descriptions of my home studio gear and my mobile podcasting gear.
  • Added a section on how to choose headphones.
  • Added a topic called "Monetize Your Podcast."
  • Added a section on why you should establish a production schedule.
  • Added instructions on how to set up a blog for podcasting.
  • Read Me First
    • Updates and More
    • What’s New in This Title
    • Learn More and Discuss Podcasting
  • Introduction
  • Podcasting Quick Start
  • Plan Your Podcast
    • Listen to Podcasts
    • Decide What You Want to Say
    • Monetize Your Podcast
    • Establish a Production Schedule
    • Pick a Format
    • Listen to Your Audience, Listen to Your Show
    • Learn Podcasting Terminology
    • Consider Common Techniques
  • Set Up Your Studio
    • Pick a Platform for Podcasting
    • Choose a Mic and Supporting Hardware
    • Choose Headphones
    • Choose Audio Software
  • Record Your Podcast
    • Use Good Microphone Techniques
    • Interview People Successfully
    • Record with GarageBand
    • Record with Audacity
    • Record with GarageBand for iOS/iPadOS
    • Record with Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS/iPadOS
    • Record with Voice Record Pro for iOS/iPadOS
    • Record with Audio Hijack
    • Record Online Interviews
  • Edit Your Podcast
    • Edit with GarageBand
    • Edit with Audacity
    • Edit with Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS/iPadOS
  • Encode and Tag Your Show
    • Encode Your Podcast
    • Learn About Tags
    • Create a Logo
    • Tag Your Episode
  • Host Your Podcast
    • Understand Bandwidth Costs
    • Choose a Hosting Service
    • Understand Syndication Formats
    • Set Up a Blog for Podcasting
    • Set Up a FeedBurner Feed
  • Publish and Promote Your Podcast
    • Upload and Publish an Episode
    • Add Your Podcast to the iTunes Store
    • Promote Your Podcast
  • About This Book
    • Ebook Extras
    • About the Author
    • About the Publisher
  • Copyright and Fine Print

Andy Affleck discusses podcasting on MacVoices

Posted by Joe Kissell on October 1, 2020

Andy Affleck joined Chuck Joiner on MacVoices in a two-part interview to discuss his new book Take Control of Podcasting.

In Part 1, Andy talks about the evolution of podcasting and tools for creating podcasts, as well as the pros and cons of using an iPhone or iPad to record and edit podcasts.

In Part 2, Andy goes into more detail about using an iOS or iPadOS device versus a Mac (or both together). He also give some nontechnical advice on podcast creation.


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