Take Control of
Users & Accounts in Panther

Kirk McElhearn

If you’ve been boggled by user accounts, want to share files with other users, or need to limit what others can do on your Mac, turn to Kirk McElhearn for straightforward explanations of all the different account types, what they can do, and the best ways to set them up. Bonus tips on sharing music and photos! More info and special offers!

This product has been discontinued.

Does dealing with user accounts in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther make your head spin? In this ebook, Kirk McElhearn helps you take control of users and accounts! Kirk explains why you need at least two accounts, tells you everything you need to know about different types of accounts, and shows you how to create the right types of accounts for the different people who use your Mac. Learn how to use a troubleshooting account to solve maddening problems, make the best use of Fast User Switching, and share files between users. Special digital lifestyle advice for families! Kirk reveals undocumented tricks for sharing music and photos among multiple users on your Mac using iTunes and iPhoto.

Mac OS X compatibility info: This ebook covers 10.3 Panther and remains for sale even though Panther is no longer the newest version of Mac OS X, in order to help anyone who still needs help with Panther. Newer ebooks cover how to handle users and accounts in 10.4 Tiger, 10.4 Leopard, and 10.5 Snow Leopard. See the catalog for details.

"Even experienced Mac users can find accounts a minefield, but this book’s penetrating content explains what you need to know, offers tips, and helps you solve problems."
    —Mark Willan

Kirk McElhearn

About Kirk McElhearn

Kirk McElhearn writes about Apple hardware and software, books, music, and more. As a Senior Contributor to Macworld for more than 15 years, he wrote hundreds of articles, including the Ask the iTunes Guy column. He is a regular contributor to The Mac Security Blog, The Startup Finance Blog, and TidBITS, as well as several other websites and magazines. He is co-host of several podcasts, including The Next Track, a podcast about how people listen to music today. Visit his website Kirkville.

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