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Macworld Total Leopard Superguide
Jan 29, 2008

Macworld Total Leopard Superguide

Become more productive in Leopard with the detailed advice from the experts at Macworld!

This ebook is no longer for sale.

More Info

Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How can I zoom in Quick Look view?
  • What are some practical tips for using Spaces?
  • How do I use the new Notes and To Do options in Mail?
  • How can I set up iChat to auto-accept chat requests?
  • What’s new with Terminal and Automator in Leopard?
  • What’s the best way to read RSS Feeds in Safari?
  • What’s the best way to set up my Leopard firewall?
  • How do I do an AND or an OR search with Spotlight?

We encourage you to download the free 22-page sample to see what it looks like, since it is rather different from our Take Control design. If you plan to print, print a few test pages from the sample first in case you wish to consider Macworld’s $24.99 print version, which has higher-resolution images than are feasible in an ebook.

The Authors

The Macworld Total Leopard Superguide was written by Christopher Breen, Jim Dalrymple, Adam C. Engst, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Adam Goldstein, Rob Griffiths, Ted Landau, Joe Kissell, Kirk McElhearn, Dan Miller, Sarah Milstein, Rich Mogull, Jonathan Seff, and Ben Waldie.