Protect your Mac from bad guys, malicious software, thieves, snoops, and other pesky problems.

Macworld Mac Security Superguide


It’s a dangerous world, but with help from Macworld’s experts, you can maintain your privacy online, protect your sensitive data, and keep your Mac safe from malicious software and intruders. The ebook also helps you lock down your home wireless network, set up a firewall, and secure your data when computing in public.

This product has been discontinued.

This ebook is no longer for sale.

Questions answered in this book include:

  • How can I make my passwords memorable but hard to crack?
  • Can my friends use my Mac without comprising my privacy?
  • How do I make my laptop less appealing to thieves?
  • How do I keep email and instant messaging conversations private?
  • What is Safari’s Private Browsing feature?
  • How can I access sensitive files from my Mac at home while I’m traveling?
  • How do the top antivirus utilities for the Mac compare?
  • If I run Windows on my Mac, what anti-malware measures should I take?
  • Why should I bother to configure a firewall on my Mac?
  • What firewall should I use if the one in Leopard doesn’t meet my needs?
  • How can I safely share my Mac’s files with other users on my home network?
  • How do I turn on WPA network security on my home Wi-Fi network?
  • How do I use a VPN when connecting to the Internet from a Wi-Fi hotspot?

About Macworld

Take Control Books previously sold the Macworld Superguide series, which was written by Macworld contributors including Karissa Bell, Chris Breen, Serenity Caldwell, Alexandra Chang, Jason Cook, David Chartier, Lauren Crabbe, Jim Dalrymple, Jackie Dove, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Lex Friedman, Adam Goldstein, Michael Gowan, Rob Griffiths, Jim Heid, Mat Honan, Andy Ihnatko, Dave Johnson, Heather Kelly, Joe Kissell, Greg Knauss, Ted Laudau, Roman Loyola, Kirk McElhearn, Scott McNulty, Dan Miller, Sarah Milstein, Dan Moren, Tim Moynihan, Chris Pepper, Rich Mogull, Michael Scalisi, Jon Seff, Derrick Story, Marco Tabini, Gina Trapani, Ben Waldie, Bill Wiecking, Leah Yamshon, and Sharon Zardetto.

Safeguard Your Data

Take Advantage of User Accounts
If you share your Mac with other people, user accounts are a must. Take advantage of this feature for maximum security.
Protect Your Passwords
Pick the strongest passwords, unlock the mystery that is the keychain, and troubleshoot common password problems.
Encrypt Sensitive Files
Do you have sensitive information on your Mac that you wouldn’t want ending up in the wrong hands? Lock it up by encrypting it.
Thwart Potential Thieves
Your beloved Mac is a coveted target for thieves. Keep it safe with these tools, including security cables, insurance, and alarms.

Protect Your Privacy Online

Surf Safely
If you spend any time on the Internet, you leave a trail. Ensure that nobody can see your browsing history or get their hands on your passwords or credit card information.
Secure Your Communications
E-mail, file transfers, and instant messages are all vulnerable to snoops while traveling to their destinations. Encode and protect them with these security measures.
Fight Spam and Phishing
The biggest threats to Mac users are spam and phishing scams. Recognize and avoid threats with the right combination of settings, software, and common sense.

Inoculate Your Mac Against Viruses

Know the Dangers
Viruses, Trojan horses, and other malware are rare on Macs but not unheard of. Learn about the possible threats to your system.
Prevent Infection
Antivirus software and reliable download sources are the best way to keep your Mac malware-free. This section has our top program picks for every kind of Mac user.
Locate and Treat It
Worried that your system is already compromised? Track down and remove suspicious programs from your computer.

Inoculate Your Mac Against Viruses

Set Up a Firewall
Thwart would-be intruders by making your Mac invisible with a firewall. Familiarize yourself with your computer’s ports and get instructions on setting up OS X and third-party firewalls.
Let Outsiders Access Your Mac
Sharing access to your computer is a snap in Leopard, but it also has its risks. Make sure your connections are secure by hand-picking who has access to what.
Secure Your Wireless Connections
It’s true that your wireless connections can be intercepted. Guard your data by being smart about your Wi-Fi, coffee shop hotspot, and VPN connections.

The Macworld Mac Security Superguide was written by Jason Cook, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Rob Griffiths, Mathew Honan, Joe Kissell, Kirk McElhearn, Scott McNulty, Derek K. Miller, Rich Mogull, and Chris Pepper.