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Macworld Digital Photography Superguide
May 19, 2011

Macworld Digital Photography Superguide, Fourth Edition

Learn everything you need to know about digital photography from the experts at Macworld!

This ebook is no longer for sale.

More Info

Read this ebook to find out how to:

  • Choose a camera and what features to consider
  • Compose shots, master lighting, and control depth-of-field
  • Get your pictures into your Mac, and how to sort, label, and search for them once they’re there
  • Edit photos to compensate for bad lighting, and crop for better compositions
  • Share your photos online, print them, or use them in a photo project such as a book
  • Take the best possible pictures with your iPhone camera
  • Digitize your old photos and slides
  • Back up your ever-growing photo collection

We encourage you to download the free 47-page sample to see what it looks like, since it is rather different from our Take Control design.

The Authors

The Macworld Digital Photography Superguide was written by Ben Long, Derrick Story, Jim Heid, Jeff Carlson, Glenn Fleishman, Joe Kissell, Ted Landau, Chris Breen, Lex Friedman, Rick LePage, Jennifer Wills, James Galbraith, Beau Colburn, and Dave Johnson.