Become a righteous Mac road warrior with help from Macworld's experts!

Macworld Mobile Mac Superguide


If you’re going mobile with a Mac laptop, Macworld’s team of experts have the advice you need to pick the right MacBook for your needs, find utilities that make life on the road easier, access your files at home, protect your data, and troubleshoot problems that may arise. Also includes reviews of top mobile accessories.

This product has been discontinued.

This ebook is no longer for sale.

Questions answered in this book include:

  • How can I find Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling?
  • What do I need to connect to the Internet via a cellular data service?
  • What options are there for accessing my home Mac beyond Back to My Mac?
  • If I don’t want to use FileVault, is there a way to encrypt only certain folders?
  • Can my MacBook change settings automatically when it sees a new network?
  • What Web tools can I use to collaborate with colleagues while I’m away?
  • What login settings will protect my data in case my laptop is stolen?
  • What’s the best way to back up files over the Internet?
  • Are there external batteries to extend the life of my MacBook and iPhone?

About Macworld

Take Control Books previously sold the Macworld Superguide series, which was written by Macworld contributors including Karissa Bell, Chris Breen, Serenity Caldwell, Alexandra Chang, Jason Cook, David Chartier, Lauren Crabbe, Jim Dalrymple, Jackie Dove, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Lex Friedman, Adam Goldstein, Michael Gowan, Rob Griffiths, Jim Heid, Mat Honan, Andy Ihnatko, Dave Johnson, Heather Kelly, Joe Kissell, Greg Knauss, Ted Laudau, Roman Loyola, Kirk McElhearn, Scott McNulty, Dan Miller, Sarah Milstein, Dan Moren, Tim Moynihan, Chris Pepper, Rich Mogull, Michael Scalisi, Jon Seff, Derrick Story, Marco Tabini, Gina Trapani, Ben Waldie, Bill Wiecking, Leah Yamshon, and Sharon Zardetto.

Choose Your Hardware

MacBook Pro
Meet Apple's top-of-the-line laptop and see if it's the right choice for your power-user lifestyle.
This classic consumer laptop is faster than you might think. But can you live without FireWire?
MacBook Air
Apple's take on the subnotebook, the superthin Air, is aimed at a specific group of road warriors.
You know it's much more than a phone, but do you know it can be an effective mobile office as well?
iPod Touch
It may not have 3G, but the iPod touch is still a remarkably powerful tool for travelers.

Make the Connection

Getting Online
Finding Internet access is half the battle. Here are the best ways to get online and get to work fast.
Phoning Home
Learn how to sync up with your home or office computer and ac- cess your data from far away.

Essential Mobile Utilities

The Basics
Savvy travelers shouldn't leave home without these key troubleshooting and productivity-boosting utilities.
These nifty applications are must-haves for mobile workers who need to get online or sync their data.
Web Tools
Work and communicate smarter using the best collaborative Web-based programs.
iPhone Tools
Unlock your iPhone or iPod touch's hidden work potential with these innovative apps.

Security to Go

Prevent Theft
These tricks and gadgets will keep your computer from ending up in the wrong hands.
Protect Your Data
Anyone who uses your computer can open your files. Make sure your data's properly protected.
Secure Your Connections
Mobile Mac users are frequently on strange and unprotected networks. Ensure that snoops can't see your private communications and files.
Malware and Other Threats
Take a stand against viruses, phishers, and malware with commonsense tips and the right tools.


Backing Up
Having all your data on one device can be risky. Here are the best ways to back up, including online.
Problem Solving
Be your own Genius. Learn how to solve simple problems while miles away from your IT department and the nearest Apple store.

What Else to Pack

Laptop Necessities
Trick out your laptop with the best accessories, like sturdy bags, portable storage, and power solutions.
Security Tools
Ward off potential thieves and track down stolen devices with this collection of safety gear.
iPhone Accessories
Your iPhone or iPod touch is a blank slate just waiting for the right accessories. These cases, skins, and screen protectors will guard it from wear and tear.

The Macworld Mobile Mac Superguide was written by Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Rob Griffiths, Joe Kissell, Scott McNulty, Kirk McElhearn, Rich Mogull, Chris Pepper, Gina Trapani, and Bill Wiecking.