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Macworld Mac Basics Superguide, Tiger Edition


If you’ve been boggled by what seem like basic tasks in Mac OS X, do we have an ebook for you! Written in a friendly Q-&-A format, the Macworld Mac Basics Superguide walks you through finding your way around Mac OS X, using the Dock, working with apps and files, searching, troubleshooting, and more.

This product has been discontinued.

This ebook is no longer for sale.

Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How do I add and remove items from the Dock?
  • How do I change the default view of Finder windows?
  • Can I delete preference panes in the Other section?
  • Is there a way to retrieve an account’s password?
  • Can I hide an application instead of quitting it?
  • What are the best places to save files?
  • What should I do if an application crashes?

We encourage you to download the free 17-page sample to see what it looks like, since it is rather different from our Take Control design. If you plan to print, print a few test pages from the sample first in case you wish to consider Macworld’s $24.99 print version, which has higher-resolution images than are feasible in an ebook.

About Macworld

Take Control Books previously sold the Macworld Superguide series, which was written by Macworld contributors including Karissa Bell, Chris Breen, Serenity Caldwell, Alexandra Chang, Jason Cook, David Chartier, Lauren Crabbe, Jim Dalrymple, Jackie Dove, Glenn Fleishman, Dan Frakes, Lex Friedman, Adam Goldstein, Michael Gowan, Rob Griffiths, Jim Heid, Mat Honan, Andy Ihnatko, Dave Johnson, Heather Kelly, Joe Kissell, Greg Knauss, Ted Laudau, Roman Loyola, Kirk McElhearn, Scott McNulty, Dan Miller, Sarah Milstein, Dan Moren, Tim Moynihan, Chris Pepper, Rich Mogull, Michael Scalisi, Jon Seff, Derrick Story, Marco Tabini, Gina Trapani, Ben Waldie, Bill Wiecking, Leah Yamshon, and Sharon Zardetto.

Mac OS X at a Glance
Wondering what the application menu is? Not sure where to find your Home folder? This cheat sheet will help you identify OS X's main interface elements.
Your Mac's Ports at a Glance
See where to plug in your speakers, your digital camera, an extra monitor, and more.
Finding Your Way in OS X
Learn how to use the Finder to quickly navigate your system, keep files and folders organized, and become a more efficient Mac user.
Using the Dock
Keep important files and applications close at hand by storing them in the Dock.
Setting System Preferences
You can customize just about every aspect of your Mac to fit your style and your setup—including background colors, keyboard shortcuts, network settings, and more. We'll show you how.
Setting Up User Accounts
Do you share your Mac with other people? OS X's user accounts let each Mac user customize his or her settings while also protecting sensitive files from other users. Learn how to set up multiple accounts and determine just how much access each user has to the Mac's settings, applications, and files.
Working with Applications
Ready to load up your Mac with new software? Get the skinny on how to install applications in the right places, how to keep them up-to-date, and how to get rid of them when you no longer want them.
Opening, Saving, and Printing
Learn the secrets of OS X's Save dialog box, the proper way to share files with Windows users, and the details of hooking up a new printer.
Searching Your Mac
Even the most organized Mac user can lose track of a file now and then. When that happens, use Spotlight—OS X's built-in bloodhound—to track it down. We'll show you how to use keywords to home in on the file you seek, how to expand your search, and how to save search queries for later reuse.
Keeping Your Mac Secure
Worried about viruses, malicious hackers, nosy coworkers, and other computer dangers? There's a lot you can do to keep your Mac healthy, safe, and secure.
Troubleshooting Your Mac
OS X may be one of the most stable operating systems around, but it's not immune to hiccups, crashes, and other troublesome behavior. When your Mac starts misbehaving, these tips and tricks should help put it back on the right path.
Getting Started with OS X Apps
No matter what you use your Mac to do, you probably need an e-mail program and a Web browser. Thankfully, OS X comes with important programs like these built in. Learn how to get started with Mail, Safari, iChat, and many more OS X applications.
Essential OS X Utilities
If you need features that don't come with OS X, you'll need to look to third-party software makers. Here's a list of some of our favorite third-party utilities, for everything from improved file handting to advanced iTunes controls. And did we mention that many of them are free?
Switching from Windows
Wondering where your Start menu is? If you recently made the move from Windows, OS X may seem especially foreign. We'll show you how to get your old files onto your new Mac, and help you navigate some of the confusing differences between the two systems.

The Macworld Mac Basics Superguide was written by Mark H. Anbinder, Christopher Breen, Dan Frakes, Glenn Fleishman, Adam Goldstein, Rob Griffiths, Joe Kissell, Ted Landau, and Kirk McElhearn.