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We like to keep our customers informed about new and updated Take Control products they might be interested in. Because your time is valuable and nobody likes being constantly inundated with email, we keep marketing messages to a minimum—rarely more often than a few times per month. We hate spam, and we want you to get exactly the information you want from us. You can use this page to make your choices. [Read our privacy policy.]

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You can choose any of the following three contact options. (If you change your mind later, you can adjust this setting on your profile page.) Your current setting is selected below.

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More Than One Email Address?

If you have more than one email address and you want to receive email from us at only one of them, log in to the Take Control account that goes with your current email address, click the “Account details” tab, and add the other address—that automatically merges the accounts and eliminates the other address from mailings. Or contact us for help.