Come up to speed quickly on Leopard's new features!

Take Control of
Customizing Leopard

Matt Neuburg

You’ve installed Leopard and played with the the new features, but now it’s time to boost your productivity by customizing Leopard for your needs. Matt Neuburg provides the expert help you need to use Leopard’s new features efficiently, including sections on Time Machine, Spaces, Quick Look, and more. Updated for 10.5.2!

This product has been discontinued.

Apple boasts of 300 new features in Leopard, but to make the most of those features, turn to Matt Neuburg for a road map on how to customize Leopard so it’s right for you. Matt shows you how to protect your data with Time Machine, including instructions for searching through previous files with Spotlight. You’ll also learn how to peek at files with Quick Look and Cover Flow, use Spaces effectively, and find tips for customizing Leopard’s updated sidebar. This title covers important changes in Mac OS X 10.5.2!

Matt explains numerous other key customizations, including how to use the much-improved Spotlight interface, set Finder windows to open in your desired view, configure Open and Save dialogs, arrange items on your toolbar for quick access, and turn on the new Path Bar. Also covered are how to work with Expose, Dashboard, status menus, login items, Internet helper applications, zooming controls, double-headed scroll arrows, and lots more.

Read this book to learn the answers to questions like:

  • What are the major new features in Leopard?
  • How might I change my work habits to get more out of Leopard?
  • How can I "bind" the Finder to all my spaces?
  • How do I customize my Time Machine backups?
  • What’s the best way to use Spotlight to find files on my disk?
  • How can I best work with and configure stacks?
  • How do I assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items?
  • Can I turn off or reassign the Caps Lock key?
  • How do I turn off all those Services in the application menus?

About Matt Neuburg

Matt Neuburg is a TidBITS contributing editor and the author of several books about Apple software, including Programming iOS 4. He has been programming computers for 45 years, and has written popular Mac and iOS freeware such as MemoryStick and the TidBITS News app.

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  • Read Me First
  • Introduction
  • Quick Start
  • Know What's New
  • Install Intelligently
  • Preserve the Past with Time Machine
  • Dominate the Dock
  • Straighten Out Your System Preferences
  • Handle the Hierarchy
  • Wash Your Windows
  • Control the Keyboard, Master the Mouse
  • Ease Your Eyeballs
  • Fix Your Fonts
  • Tackle Your Text
  • Customize Status Menus
  • Perform Miscellaneous Configurations
  • Find Other Customizations
  • Appendix A: Use AppleScript to Make Every Window Open in List View, No Matter What
  • About This Book
  • We have no plans to update the Leopard edition of this ebook, but new editions about later Big Cat versions of Mac OS X are available, including Take Control of Exploring and Customizing Snow Leopard and Take Control of Using Lion.

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