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Take Control of iWeb ’09
Mar 23, 2011

Take Control of iWeb ’09

Follow along with author Steve Sande and learn how to make useful, attractive Web sites with iWeb ’09 and ’11!

Apple’s iWeb aims to help you build an attractive Web site quickly and easily, but not all of iWeb’s features are fully explained. For step-by-step instructions and plenty of time-saving tips, turn to Web pro Steve Sande. In this ebook, Steve walks you through all the steps for building an iWeb site and uploading it to MobileMe or to another Web host. You can look over his shoulder as he enhances iWeb’s templates with a designer’s eye, using tools like masks, reflections, and Instant Alpha.

Version madness? This ebook is about iWeb 3, and it covers iWeb 3 regardless of whether you installed it from iLife ’09 or iLife ’11 (there was no iLife ’10). For more info, see the “What’s New” tab below.

Cool text example    Starburst    Cartoon talk bubble    Africa photo

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Steve teaches you the best ways to make all types of iWeb pages—including blog, podcast, photo, and movie pages—and he covers topics that go beyond the basics and way beyond the online help. You’ll also find coverage of how to import podcasts and videos and even get ideas for working with CafePress and Google Checkout to create an online store.

Special projects covered in the ebook include:

  • Creating graphical effects like those in the above images
  • Setting a graphic’s background color to match the page color
  • Making an image map—there is a way!
  • Using an iSight camera to record directly into iWeb
  • Adding a podcast episode from GarageBand
  • Submitting your podcast to iTunes
  • Exporting a video file from iMovie to iWeb
  • Integrating with iPhoto and MobileMe Gallery
  • Embedding a YouTube video
  • Including an RSS or Twitter feed
  • Providing directions to readers via an embedded Google map
  • Adding a read-only, dynamic Google calendar to your site
  • Getting information from readers via an embedded Google form
  • Setting up RSS feed for your iWeb blog
  • Generating income from your site by adding Google AdSense ads
  • Creating a simple online store

Plus, the ebook helps with uploading your site to the Web, covering questions such as these:

  • How do I divide space on my iDisk between general storage for things like iWeb sites and email-only storage?
  • What if I don’t want to publish to MobileMe?
  • How do I set up iWeb 3’s new internal FTP client?
  • Why would I want to publish locally, and how do I set that up in iWeb?
  • What if I want to publish to MobileMe, but use my own domain name in the URL?
  • How can I publish to a Dropbox folder?
What's New

What’s New in Version 1.1

Take Control of iWeb ’09 version 1.1 was inspired by a desire to clarify that users of iLife ’11 can use this ebook, since the version of iWeb in both iLife ’09 and iLife ’11 is the same. While creating the update, I also added a few tips to give you more control of this powerful software:

  • Finding More Templates lists additional sources for iWeb templates.
  • In Editing One Site on Two Macs, I explain how Dropbox makes it easier to share a single iWeb domain file between multiple computers or users.
  • Publish to Dropbox shows you how to take advantage of Dropbox for free or low-cost hosting of iWeb sites.
  • In Money, Maps, and More I’ve added information on how to:
  • Embed a Keynote Presentation into an iWeb page.
  • Localize Your iWeb Site so international visitors can read it in their native languages.
  • Include a Google Calendar on an iWeb page .
  • Make Your Site Readable on Mobile Devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Q: Does this book cover iWeb 2 (also known as iWeb ‘08?)

A: Nope. For that you’ll want Take Control of iWeb: iLife ‘08 Edition.

Q: How about iWeb 1, which came with iLife ‘06?

A: Same answer. See Take Control of iWeb: iLife ‘06 Edition, which covers that version of the program.

Q: Will the book teach me how to make my own custom iWeb templates?

A: Although this ebook discusses the HTML Snippet widget—which you can use to insert your own HTML within an iWeb page—and it offers a list of third-party iWeb template makers, it doesn’t get down-and-dirty with instructions on how to customize an iWeb template beyond what you can do with iWeb’s built-in tools. In our opinion, if you are frustrated with iWeb’s templates and want to go beyond iWeb’s built-in features to customize them, you should purchase a third-party template or consider a more sophisticated tool such as Freeway, RapidWeaver, SandVox, or Dreamweaver.

Update Plans

March 23, 20011 – Now that we’ve updated this ebook to version 1.1 in recognition of iWeb 3 appearing in both iLife ‘09 and iLife ‘11, we have no future plans to update it for iWeb 3. If Apple releases a major upgrade to iWeb, we’ll consider whether we should create a new edition.

Posted by Tonya Engst

  1. Dropbox Hosting of Web Sites Soon to Disappear

    When we published the 1.1 version of Take Control of iWeb in 2011, we were excited about adding a “Publish to Dropbox” topic that explained how to use Dropbox as a Web host. The features were limited, but it was free (or low cost) and easy to set up.

    Dropbox has been slowly removing this option, first by eliminating the Public folder from new accounts, and then, in 2016, by discontinuing HTML Rendering as a feature for all Dropbox Basic accounts.

    And, Dropbox has now announced that as of September 1, 2017, the Public folder and HTML Rendering will be discontinued from all Dropbox accounts.

    For more information, see the Dropbox support article, The Public folder.

    Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)

  2. iWeb Publishing to MobileMe to End in 2012

    Apple has announced the end of its MobileMe service, effective June 30, 2012, and has also announced that many of its functions will find equivalents in the new iCloud service from Apple, due to debut sometime in the last quarter of 2011. As it turns out, however, Web hosting on MobileMe is not going to be replaced by an equivalent feature in iCloud. Apple provides some details what iCloud will include and what it won’t in its Mobile Me transition page (you can also read more about the transition in the TidBITS article, Apple Details Transition from MobileMe to iCloud).

    Specifically, the capability of using MobileMe to host your iWeb site, as described in the “Publish Your Site” chapter of “Take Control of iWeb ‘09” (pp. 43-60) will no longer be possible after June 20, 2012. In addition, using MobileMe Web galleries in an iWeb site, described in “Work with MobileMe Galleries” (pp. 116-117), will end at the same time.

    Apple recommends that you move any iWeb sites to a different Web hosting service before MobileMe shuts down, and explains the procedure in its document, MobileMe: How to move an iWeb site from MobileMe to another web hosting service. Note that iWeb ’09 provides an integrated FTP capability (see “Settings for an FTP Server,” pp. 48-51) that you can use to publish an iWeb-created site to an alternate location.

    Apple also provides instructions for saving any photos you have in Web galleries in its support document, MobileMe: How to save your MobileMe Gallery photos and movies; however, at present Apple provides no guidance to users about what to do with iWeb sites that currently rely upon such galleries. We suspect you’ll have to find a new online home for your photos and movies and redesign your iWeb sites accordingly.

    Posted by Michael Cohen (Permalink)

  3. Managing Multiple Web Sites in iWeb

    Reader Michael B. asked, "I found the section on managing multiple iWeb sites in the ‘08 edition fascinating. However, I notice the same info is missing from the new ‘09 edition. Could you please say why? … I would dearly love to manage multiple sites—if only to experiment to see which template looks or works best."

    Here’s author Steve Sande’s reply: “The capability to work on multiple Web sites is built into iWeb ‘09. In past versions of iWeb, the only way that you could really accomplish this was to create separate Domain files, and open only the Domain file for the site that you wanted to update and publish. The new Site Publishing Settings, which are listed in the book starting on page 44, allow each Web site in a single Domain file to have its own publishing location and method.”

    Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)

  4. Putting a PDF on an iWeb Site

    Reader Peter W. wrote in with the excellent suggestion that the ebook give directions for placing a PDF on an iWeb site. Peter pointed out that you can drag a PDF file from the Finder to an iWeb page and iWeb will then display the first page of the PDF as a thumbnail-sized image. For a one-page PDF with big type and graphics, that might be sufficient.

    However, Peter also noted that you can select the thumbnail in iWeb, open the Inspector’s Link pane, click the Hyperlink button, select the “Enable as hyperlink” checkbox, and choose A File from the Link To pop-up menu. Select the PDF in the resulting Open dialog and click the Open button. Now, once you next publish the site, site visitors can click the thumbnail in order to download the PDF. You could also link text on an iWeb page to a downloadable PDF, using the same basic technique in the Inspector.

    I tried dragging a few other files into iWeb to see what would happen. When I dragged a TextEdit file to iWeb from the Finder, iWeb inserted the contents of the TextEdit document into the iWeb page. When I dragged a Microsoft Word 2008 file, iWeb added the filename of the document to my iWeb page.

    Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)

  5. Hear Steve Talk about iWeb on the MacVoices Podcast

    Listen to episode 969 of the MacVoices podcast and hear Steve Sande, author of Take Control of iWeb ‘09, talk about how much fun he’s been having when writing about iWeb and hanging out with the crew at TUAW. Steve gets under the hood with the details of what’s changed in iWeb ‘09 (more than most people though after Apple’s iLife ‘09 rollout at Macworld Expo in January) and shares his candid observations about his likes and dislikes with respect to iWeb over time.

    Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)

  6. “Take Control of iWeb ‘09” Helps Make Better Web Sites

    We’ve just released Take Control of iWeb ‘09. Written by iWeb expert Steve Sande, the 152-page ebook covers all the new features in iWeb ‘09 (plus those that remain from previous iWeb versions, of course) to provide comprehensive documentation of how to work creatively and effectively in iWeb. Take Control of iWeb ‘09 costs $10, and you can get it hot off our virtual press.

    Generally speaking, Take Control of iWeb ‘09 walks you through all the steps for building an iWeb site and uploading it to MobileMe or another Web host. You can look over author Steve Sande’s shoulder as he enhances iWeb’s templates with a designer’s eye, using tools like masks, reflections, and Instant Alpha. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of uploading, with special coverage of using a custom domain name and uploading to third-party hosts.

    New iWeb ‘09 features discussed include still more widgets that can add special content to your site (for instance, a Twitter feed) and the new FTP capabilities that vastly simplify uploading to a third-party Web host. Like the recently released Take Control ebooks about GarageBand ‘09, this title is unusual in that it offers book-length coverage of a single iLife application.

    Those who own an earlier edition of our iWeb book may have received an email message about getting a free (for those who purchased after January 1st, 2009) or discounted update; otherwise, open your PDF and click Check for Updates on the cover to get update details.

    Posted by Adam Engst (Permalink)

The Author

Steve Sande is a Mac consultant with Raven Solutions, LLC and has worked with Macs since 1984. Steve’s writing can be found almost daily on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, where he also hosts the weekly TUAW TV Live video podcast.