Learn a dozen ways to do more with an iPod than just listen to music!

Take Control of
Your iPod: Beyond the Music

Second Edition
Steve Sande

Wonder what your iPod can do beyond playing music? PDA expert Steve Sande has collected every non-musical use of the iPod, including how to use your iPod as a PDA, photo wallet, backup drive, alarm clock, and emergency boot drive. Also learn to use your iPod to give presentations, read ebooks, play games, and even run Linux!

This product has been discontinued.

This ebook is no longer for sale.

The book begins with colorful comparison charts of the various iPod models, just in case you aren’t sure which iPod you have, since you may not realize that the iPod you bought few years ago is now considered a second-generation iPod or you may have received your iPod as a hand-me-down, sans manual.

This book provides instructions for both Mac OS X and Windows users.

iPod touch users: please note that this ebook covers the iPod touch only to the extent that it behaves like a regular iPod. It does not cover the iPod touch’s many unique features.

Read this book to learn answers to questions such as these:

  • Which iPod do I have?
  • Can I replace my radio alarm clock with an iPod?
  • How do I read RSS news feeds on my iPod?
  • How do I put maps and directions on my iPod?
  • How can I read long Microsoft Word documents on an iPod?
  • How do I sync music videos to an iPod?
  • How do I put Flash-based videos from YouTube on my iPod?
  • How can I convert a DVD so I can watch the video on an iPod?
  • Which iPods are best for using as voice recorders?

About Steve Sande

Steve Sande is a Mac consultant with Raven Solutions, LLC and has worked with Macs since 1984. Steve’s writing can be found almost daily on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, where he also hosts the weekly TUAW TV Live video podcast.

What iPods does this book cover?

Good question! As of October 2007, this book covers all the regular iPods, all the nanos, all the minis, and all the shuffles. It also covers the iPod touch, but only to the extent that the touch behaves like a regular iPod. So, it doesn't cover special touch features, like Wi-Fi access to the Internet, the Safari Web browser, the ability to enter data, and so forth.

Is this book up to date?

As of its most recent release in October 2007, yes, it is. However, chances are good that this particular ebook won't see another update in PDF form, unless the update is very minor. With Apple's release of the iPod touch we can't live up to the "beyond the music" premise of the title without vastly expanding the size of the book, and at that point we are better off re-thinking how we want to cover the iPod in the Take Control series.

As always, we'll make a point of posting minor update information on the ebook's Check for Updates page, though as 2008 winds along, the amount of new information may make additional minor updates impractical.

  • Introduction
  • Quick Start to Going Beyond the Music
  • Know Your iPod
  • Plug In Your iPod
  • Troubleshooting & Security
  • Install iTunes
  • Listen to Music
  • Set Up the iPod as a Disk
  • Use PDA Features
  • Back Up Your Computer
  • Use Your iPod as a Mac Startup Drive
  • Read Text, RSS & Email
  • Transfer Photos & Maps
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Listen to Audiobooks
  • Run Presentations
  • Watch Video
  • Run with Your iPod
  • Install Linux
  • Play Games
  • Learn More