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iPhoto ‘08: Visual QuickStart Guide
Dec 06, 2007

iPhoto ‘08: Visual QuickStart Guide

Master every aspect of iPhoto ‘08 with step-by-step, visual instructions!

Hey, What’s This?
This ebook began as a print book in Peachpit Press’s Visual QuickStart Guide series. We’ve converted it to a true ebook by increasing the page (and thus font) size; adding bookmarks; and linking the table of contents, index, and URLs. We encourage you to view the free 50-page sample, since it is different from the Take Control design.

If you want a complete manual for iPhoto ‘08, look no further than Take Control publisher Adam Engst’s iPhoto ‘08: Visual QuickStart Guide. Relying on concise, step-by-step instructions supported by numerous full-color screenshots and photos, this title first explains how best to import, organize, and edit your photos. Adam then shows you how to create slideshows and prints, along with stunning photo books, greeting cards, and calendars. Also covered are how to make Web galleries, burn CDs for Mac and Windows users, send photos via email, share an iPhoto library with another person, and more.

A troubleshooting chapter helps readers solve common problems, and the appendixes cover background topics like aspect ratios, resolution, and color management and provide plenty of tips for taking better photos.

You may instead be interested in the newer iPhoto ‘09: Visual QuickStart Guide, released in May 2009.

More Info

"Mr. Engst’s book is well written, easy to follow, and contains lots of in depth information to help you become an iPhoto expert quickly."
        —Nancy Gravley, writing for The Mac Observer about the previous edition

Read this ebook to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How do I use new features of iPhoto ‘08 like events, keywords, and printing?
  • What’s the best way to create and switch among multiple iPhoto Libraries?
  • How do I split and merge events so they contain the right photos?
  • What happens when I adjust highlight and shadow detail in a photo?
  • How do I create a Web gallery for publishing on .Mac?
  • What’s the best way to print a contact sheet in the new print interface?
  • What’s necessary to burn a CD of photos for a Windows user?

Does this book cover iPhoto ‘08 or iPhoto 7?

They’re the same, actually. Annoyingly, Apple refers to the various programs in iLife ‘08 interchangeably as “iPhoto ‘08” and “iPhoto 7,” “GarageBand ‘08” and “GarageBand 4,” and so on. I prefer the actual version numbers to the year, since otherwise the full name would be the insanely confusing iPhoto ‘08 7.1.1. As a result, I use the iPhoto 7 name throughout the book, but I the iPhoto ‘08 name for the title of the book.

  1. MobileMe Web Galleries to End in 2012

    Apple has announced the end of its MobileMe (formerly .Mac) service, effective 30 June 2012, and has also announced that many of its functions will find equivalents in the new iCloud service from Apple, due to debut sometime in the last quarter of 2011. As it turns out, however, Web galleries and iWeb hosting on MobileMe are not going to be replaced by equivalent features in iCloud. Apple provides some details what iCloud will include and what it won’t in its Mobile Me transition page (you can also read more about the transition in the TidBITS article, “Apple Details Transition from MobileMe to iCloud,” 24 June 2011).

    Specifically, the capability of using MobileMe/.Mac to host your photos, as described in “Creating Web Galleries” (p. 120) and in “Managing Web Galleries” (p.121) will end on 30 June 2012. In addition, the capability of using such Web galleries in an iWeb site, as described in “Publishing Photo Pages in iWeb” (p. 122), will end at the same time.

    Apple provides instructions for saving any photos you have in Web galleries in its support document, “MobileMe: How to save your MobileMe Gallery photos and movies”; however, at present Apple provides no guidance to users about what to do with iWeb sites that currently rely upon such galleries. We suspect you’ll have to find a new online home for your photos and movies and redesign your iWeb sites accordingly.

    Posted by Michael Cohen (Permalink)

  2. Important: Read Before Installing iPhoto ‘11

    On 20 October 2010, Apple released iLife ’11, which includes a major update to iPhoto. You can read about iPhoto’s new features in iLife ’11 Updates Three of Its Apps, but, before you install, you need to know that many users have had serious problems with the upgrade that have resulted in some users losing their entire photo collections.

    The problem seems related to the length of time needed to update larger iPhoto libraries. In some cases, this update process can take hours or even days, and it is the act of force-quitting iPhoto in the middle of the update that triggers the data loss. Liz Castro describes her encounter with the problem in WARNING!!! iPhoto 11 Erases ENTIRE iPhoto Libraries.

    If you have purchased iLife ’11 but have not yet installed iPhoto, you should either avoid the upgrade or make a complete backup of your current iPhoto library before you install iPhoto ’11. The internal version number of the problematic iPhoto application is 9.0; you can see the version number by selecting the application in the Finder and choosing File > Get Info.

    Apple has released an update to iPhoto ’11 (9.0) to eliminate this dangerous bug and to restore calendar support, which was missing in the initial release. The 177.33 MB iPhoto 9.1 updater is available here. It updates iPhoto ‘11 to version 9.1. For more, see iPhoto ’11 9.1 Brings Calendars Back.

    Apple also has issued a support document that both describes the problem fixed by the 9.0.1 and 9.1 updaters and provides advice for how to avoid the problem.

    As with previous iLife applications, updates to iPhoto ’11 are also made available via Software Update. To receive the update, you will need to install the iPhoto ’11 (version 9.0) application on your Mac, but not run it, in order for Software Update to detect it.

    Posted by Michael Cohen (Permalink)

The Author

Adam C. Engst is the publisher of TidBITS and the TidBITS Content Network. He has written numerous technical books, including Take Control of Preview and the best-selling Internet Starter Kit series, and many magazine articles—thanks to Contributing Editor positions at MacUser, MacWEEK, and Macworld. He has been turned into an action figure.