Using a classic iPhone? A first-generation iPod touch? This is the ebook for you!

Take Control of
iPhone OS 3

Master the iPhone OS with this compendium from troubleshooting guru Ted Landau! You’ll learn about backups, batteries, Bluetooth, jailbreaking, Location Services, MobileMe, networking, passwords, problem-solving, ringtones, security, SIM cards, syncing, tethering, voice control, volume control, and more!

This product has been discontinued.

This ebook takes you under the hood of the iPhone operating system and hardware and uncovers mysteries surrounding many topics, including backups, batteries, Bluetooth, buying third-party apps, damage control, jailbreaking, Location Services, MobileMe, networking, passwords, problem-solving, recovering, restoring, ringtones, root access, security, SIM cards, syncing, tethering, voice control, volume control, and more.

Running iOS 4? For help with setting up and generally getting up to speed in many aspects of iPhone use, read Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition.

Although we are not actively updating this ebook, the majority of the information in it should work nicely with the classic iPhone and first-generation iPod touch. These models cannot be updated to newer versions of the iPhone/iOS operating system.

You’ll discover how to navigate the many options in Settings so you’re up and running quickly, and learn important techniques—such as searching and copying text—for using your iPhone effectively. You’ll also get help with many specific iPhone questions, including these:

  • How does my iPhone know where it is?
  • How do I manage my network connections?
  • How can I type faster so it’s more fun to use?
  • How do I transfer photos to and from my iPhone?
  • How do the many volume control options function?
  • How do I attach a Bluetooth headset?
  • Can I delete a third-party app, but get it back later?
  • How do I put an often-used Web page on my Home screen?
  • How do I set up an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer Bluetooth network?
  • How do I get started with syncing via Exchange?
  • I’m a Unix geek. How do I get root access?

Plus, you’ll find detailed troubleshooting techniques to use if you run into a problem, including:

  • Safari problems
  • Syncing problems
  • Internet connection problems
  • Freezes, crashes, and mysterious buggy behavior
  • Restoring an ailing iPhone from a backup
  • Determining if you need a hardware repair
  • How to deal with passwords and security issues

Is this book updated for the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 3 operating system?

Yes! In fact, it covers the iPhone OS through version 3.1.2. And, since it was released in November of 2009, it also covers a few changes that came up with the release of iTunes 9. It even has a tweak for iTunes 9.0.2. It does not cover iTunes 10, which was released in September 2010 (though the vast majority of the iTunes information should be identical).

Does this ebook cover the iPod touch?

Yes—although the text of the book refers generally to the iPhone, it is meant to include the iPod touch. We even had someone who uses an iPod touch take a special tech edit pass through the entire manuscript.

Does this ebook cover the iPad?

Although quite a bit of the information in this ebook applies to the iPad, Ted didn't write this ebook with the iPad in mind, since the iPad was not yet announced. For iPad information, see the free Take Control of iPad Basics as well as various other Take Control titles about the iPad.

Does the book cover using an iPhone with both the Mac and Windows?

Alas, no. To keep the ebook to a reasonable size, we've focused any computer-related coverage on the Mac. We estimate that about 85% of the ebook will apply equally to Windows users, though.

How useful is this ebook for people who live outside of the United States?

Although most of the information in the ebook applies to everyone, no matter where they are or bought the iPhone, the ebook does assume that you bought in the iPhone in the United States and that you are in the United States (it does have advice for what to do if you are traveling abroad from the United States). So, a tiny bit of the advice won't apply if you are elsewhere on the planet.

  • Read Me First
  • Introduction
  • iPhone OS Quick Start
  • 8 Quick Troubleshooting Steps
  • Sync Your iPhone
  • Use MobileMe
  • Manage App Store Apps
  • Master Keyboard and Speech Input
  • Troubleshooting 101
  • Solve Safari Problems
  • Go Under the Hood
  • Navigate Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G & Bluetooth
  • Understand Location Services
  • Keep Your iPhone Secure
  • Appendix A: The iPhone in 
an Enterprise Environment
  • Although author Ted Landau decided not to update this ebook for iOS 4 and the iPhone 4, other writers have stepped in:

    Take Control has continued to create new ebooks about newer versions of iOS and related topics—check the catalog to see what we've been working on.