Real-world help with using the core apps on the original iPhone and 1st-generation iPod touch!

Take Control of
Your iPhone Apps

Jeff Carlson

Follow along as Jeff Carlson explains Apple’s core apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Learn the basics plus get clever tips drawn from Jeff’s experience using an iPhone for work, photography, and fun. Apps include Calendar, Camera, Compass, Contacts, iPod, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, Phone, Photos, Remote, Safari, and Video.

This product has been discontinued.

Learn app basics and get numerous clever tips based on author Jeff Carlson’s real-world experiences with using the iPhone for work, photography, and fun. You’ll learn how to comfortably and effectively use the important core apps—Calendar, Camera, Compass, Contacts, iPod, Mail, Maps, Messages, Phone, Photos, Remote, and Safari (and for iPod touch owners, the Music and Video apps, too). If you’ve had the nagging feeling that you’re not getting as much from your iPhone or iPod touch as you could, this ebook is for you!

Original iPhone? ist-generation iPod touch? If you have either of these classic Apple devices, this ebook is for you!

You’ll find plenty of concise, clear explanations, plus pointers to a few important independent apps that add to the features offered in Apple’s.

Jeff shows you how to use the iPhone apps for real-life tasks, including how to:

  • Update your calendar on the bus, and view the changes on your office Mac.
  • Sync the sometimes elusive Birthdays calendar to your iPhone.
  • Explain to friends how your iPhone knows where it is.
  • Set an alarm that you’ll hear, even if the volume is turned down.
  • Set up a conference call with three of your friends.
  • Skip ahead in a long voicemail message.
  • Get around on the Web without squinting more than necessary.
  • Read and reply to email.
  • Send text messages or quickly place a call to someone you’re texting with.
  • Take quality photos with the iPhone 3GS.
  • Upload photos from your iPhone to your computer.
  • Trim the video you just took at a party and share it online right away.
  • Get directions from your doctor’s office to the drugstore.
  • Settle arguments about which way north is.
  • Find a song quickly so you can play it for a friend.
  • Use Jeff’s favorite free app, Remote, to run iTunes on a Mac or an Apple TV.
Jeff Carlson

About Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson is a contributing editor of TidBITS, a frequent contributor to Macworld and DPReview, and the author of best-selling books on the Mac, digital photography, and, in earlier incarnations, web design and Palm organizers. He consumes almost too much coffee. Almost.

Is this book updated for the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 3 operating system?

Yes! The ebook covers all the iPhones (and iPod touches), but it does have some special content about features offered only by the iPhone 3GS. It assumes that you are using iPhone OS 3, though since it focusses tightly on apps, it doesn't say much specifically about OS-related topics.

Does the book cover using an iPhone with both the Mac and Windows?

A few topics in the ebook refer to relations between an iPhone and a desktop computer, and in those cases, the ebook assumes that the computer is a Mac, so if you are not using a Mac, your screen might look a little different than a screenshot or a few small bits of text might not quite apply to your situation. However, most of the content is about the iPhone and thus should work well regardless of any desktop computers that you may have around..

How useful is this ebook for people who live outside of the United States?

Although most of the information in the ebook applies to everyone, no matter where they are or bought the iPhone, the ebook does assume that you bought in the iPhone in the United States and are in the United States.

Does this ebook cover the iPod touch?

Yes—although the text of the book refers generally to the iPhone, it is meant to include the iPod touch. We even had someone who uses an iPod touch take a special tech edit pass through the entire manuscript.

  • Read Me First
  • Introduction
  • iPhone Apps Quick Start
  • Shared iPhone OS Features
  • Calendar
  • Phone and Contacts
  • Safari
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Camera and Photos
  • Maps and Compass
  • iPod
  • Remote
  • Learn More
  • About This Book
  • July 2010 -- The author, Jeff Carlson, has decided not to update this ebook.