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iOS 10: A Take Control Crash Course
Sep 15, 2016

iOS 10: A Take Control Crash Course

Come up to speed on iOS 10’s new features!

Learn all about the new capabilities of iOS 10, along with key features you may have missed from previous iOS updates. Whether you use an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you’ll find the real-world advice you need to take advantage of iOS 10’s refinements quickly.

TidBITS Managing Editor Josh Centers teaches you about a wide range of updated system features like the Lock screen, Widgets screen, Control Center, and notifications. He also loops you in on revised essential apps like Photos, Messages, Mail, Maps, and Safari. Josh even gives you an introduction to home automation by way of the new Home app and Apple’s HomeKit specification for third-party devices. Additional special topics cover Family Sharing, accessibility, privacy, managing data usage, improving battery life, and more.

More Info

Josh helps you get the most from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with advice on:

  • What to check after installing iOS 10
  • Learning to use the massively revised Lock screen
  • How to work with widgets now that they’re free of Notification Center
  • Using the new Magnifier to turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass
  • Having Siri announce the name of the caller for incoming calls
  • Getting started with home automation using the new Home app
  • Dealing with the new multi-panel Control Center
  • Using the iPad’s Slide Over, Split Screen, and Picture in Picture features
  • Deleting unused Apple apps
  • Viewing, dismissing, and acting on notifications directly
  • What types of apps will be able to integrate with Siri
  • Improved suggestions when you’re typing
  • How Photos creates Memories, and what you can do with them
  • Using the new People and Places albums in Photos
  • How you can use Siri to search for people, places, and things in Photos
  • Playing with fun new features of Messages, like handwriting and screen effects
  • Replying quickly to messages with a tapback response
  • Avoiding highways and toll roads in Maps directions
  • Using the new “Find My Car” feature of Maps
  • Controlling home automation devices via Siri
  • Letting important people through an iPhone’s Do Not Disturb cone of silence
  • Setting up Apple Pay in the Wallet app — and using it in Safari
  • Adding emergency medical information — and finding it on the Lock screen
  • Making Siri talk like a guy (or gal)
  • Telling Siri who you mean when you say “Call Mom”
  • Tracking down which apps are hogging your battery
  • Putting outlines around text “buttons” so they look like buttons

Crash course? As part of our Crash Course series, this book splits the first-rate content you expect from us into short chunks so you can dip in and read quickly. Take Control Crash Courses have a modern, magazine-like layout in PDF while retaining a reflowable design in the EPUB and Mobi versions.


What devices will iOS 10 run on?

The minimum hardware requirements for running iOS 10 are the iPhone 5, iPad mini 2, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and sixth-generation iPod touch.

Update Plans

September 13, 2016 – At the moment, we don’t plan to update this book for iOS 10, but we’ll keep an eye on new information that may come to light. If enough of it accumulates, we’ll try to add it to an update.

Posted by Tonya Engst

  1. Find My AirPod Added to Find My iPhone

    Because Apple’s new wireless AirPod earbuds lack cabling, they are easy to misplace. Although the best method for keeping track of them may be to place them in their charging case whenever you remove them from your ears, it’s safe to say that many people aren’t going to do that, or even if they do, they’ll lose the case.

    To solve this problem, with the release of iOS 10.3, Apple has added AirPods to the list of devices that you can track using Find My iPhone. You can see them on a map and make a sound play on both your AirPods or just one — just one is helpful if you’ve lost only one. If your AirPods are out of range of their paired iOS device, you’ll get information about where and when they were last within range. You can search from the Find My iPhone iOS app or from Find My iPhone on the iCloud Web site.

    Note that you must set up Find My iPhone before your AirPods go missing. Read the TidBITS article, Setting Up and Using Find My iPhone, for help.

    For more information, see Apple’s support article, If your AirPods are missing.

    Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)

The Author

Josh Centers is the managing editor of TidBITS and a freelance writer who has written for Macworld, the Magazine, Boing Boing, and the Sweethome. He has been featured on Daring Fireball, the Loop, TUAW, and Scientific American, and is a frequent guest on MacVoices and the Tech Night Owl. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and children.