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Take Control of iKey 2
Feb 01, 2006

Take Control of iKey 2

The definitive documentation for Script Software’s iKey 2.2!

Have you ever noticed yourself, while working at your Mac, repeating the same action over and over again? Perhaps you’re typing your mailing address, or mounting the same file server volume every morning, or wishing you could switch to your Web browser at the touch of a key. Or maybe you want to back up your day’s work to your iDisk every night at 11 PM. Or what if you want to remap the keyboard shortcuts in an application that believes that Command-Delete should delete a word when you would prefer Option-Delete. For all these tasks you need iKey. With iKey, you can automate almost any task that you find yourself repeating, whether it’s once a week or many times each day. And you can initiate those tasks with the press of a key, by choosing an item from a menu, clicking a button on a palette, when your Mac’s clock ticks over to a particular time, or whenever your Mac wakes up.

Rather than write an independent book that you’d have to buy to get the most from iKey, we’ve partnered with Script Software to write the manual for iKey 2 as a free Take Control ebook (you still have to buy iKey, of course, but you can try it before you purchase). If you’re interested in checking out what iKey 2 can do for you, we invite you to download and read the complete manual, written by Take Control publisher and best-selling author Adam Engst.

The manual helps you install iKey and provides a step-by-step usage tutorial. Then, since it’s easy to create a shortcut, menu, or palette, the rest of the manual is devoted to reference sections explaining all the different commands you can string together in shortcuts, the launchers you can use to trigger them, and entire iKey interface. Throughout the book, tips tell you not just how to use iKey, but the best ways to use the program.

Update Plans

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Posted by Adam Engst

The Author

Adam C. Engst is the publisher of TidBITS and the TidBITS Content Network. He has written numerous technical books, including Take Control of Preview and the best-selling Internet Starter Kit series, and many magazine articles—thanks to Contributing Editor positions at MacUser, MacWEEK, and Macworld. He has been turned into an action figure.