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Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X
May 18, 2006

Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X: Tiger Edition

Learn how to solve your font problems today!

Are you suffering from a mysterious font problem in Mac OS X Tiger? Help is at hand, with troubleshooting steps and real-world advice for solving problems fast. If you’ve experienced seemingly inexplicable trouble with characters displaying incorrectly, being unable to type a particular character, fonts missing from Font menus, confusing behavior in Microsoft and Adobe programs, Font Book crashing, or Character Palette misbehaving, turn to font expert Sharon Zardetto for help.

Looking for Leopard info? Check out Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard.

More Info

Read this ebook to find the answers to questions such as:

  • How do I go about troubleshooting a font problem? (For a useful preview, download our free Font Troubleshooting Flier!)
  • Microsoft Word keeps complaining about a corrupt font. What should I do?
  • People keep telling me to “just delete the caches.” What are they? Where are they? Why does deleting them solve a font problem?
  • Why can’t I install a PostScript Type 1 font?
  • Why doesn’t the Input menu show up in my menu bar?

This is a companion volume to Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X, and we think anyone with enough fonts to be suffering from font problems will benefit from its detailed look at “healthy” fonts. If you don’t buy that ebook, note that Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X assumes you’re familiar with font basics like Font Book’s capabilities, including enabling and disabling fonts, resolving duplicates, and font validation. (This ebook doesn’t cover the rapidly changing world of third-party font management utilities.)

  1. Font Wrangling and Problem-Solving Made Easy

    Managing fonts in Mac OS X is all too often like herding cats, but you can now corral your fonts with our latest ebook, Take Control of Fonts in Leopard, and its sidekick, Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard. Written by Sharon Zardetto, these up-to-date ebooks cover not only the various versions of Leopard up through 10.5.5, but also special font situations in applications such as Adobe CS3 and CS4, Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008, iLife ‘08, iWork ‘08, and Safari. Here’s the scoop on each ebook, along with notes on a special money-saving bundle:

    Take Control of Fonts in Leopard: In this 227-page 1.1 update, Sharon extends all her useful advice about installing, managing, using, and removing fonts with specific coverage of what has changed with font handling in Leopard since 10.5.0, along with details of how fonts work in Leopard with Adobe CS3 and CS4, Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008, and iLife ‘08 and iWork ‘08. If you work with fonts professionally or just want to get more out of your fonts, this $15 guide has all the information you need.

    Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard: In this new edition, Sharon provides 151 pages of tips for avoiding font problems, troubleshooting advice, and specific steps for solving problems. Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard focuses on font-related issues that might arise generally while using Leopard or while working with fonts in Font Book, Character Palette, and Keyboard Viewer. It also examines font-related oddities and problems you might experience in Adobe CS3 and CS 4, Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008, and Safari.

    We designed these ebooks with the idea that many people will want to read both, and the problem-solving ebook assumes that readers have achieved some degree of competence with font management. In fact, were we producing traditional printed books, we’d combine all this information in a single title. However, the total length would have approached 400 pages, which is just too long for a PDF aimed at on-screen reading. To encourage you to get both titles, we’re selling them together in a bundle for $5 off. To get the bundle, visit one of the linked pages and then look for a “Buy Both” option in the left margin.

    If you own one of our previous Take Control ebooks about fonts, look in your email for upgrade information or open your existing PDF and click Check for Updates on the first page.

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The Author

Sharon Zardetto has been writing about the Macintosh professionally since 1984, including nearly a thousand articles in Macintosh magazines and over 20 books. She’s best known for writing several editions of The Macintosh Bible, along with The Mac Almanac.