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Take Control of Getting Started with Dreamweaver
Sep 27, 2006

Take Control of Getting Started with Dreamweaver

Learn fundamental Web design principles and become comfortable working in Dreamweaver’s complex interface!

Dreamweaver 8 is a great Web design tool for pros, but newcomers may be overwhelmed by its interface or want to know more about how to work creatively and intelligently in the program. Help is at hand in Take Control of Getting Started with Dreamweaver, which offers a detailed tutorial for making your first site in Dreamweaver. Author Arnie Keller, who teaches Web design at the University of Victoria, shows you how to style type the smart way with CSS, create a sophisticated page layout using layers, and design a template-based site with an interactive navigation bar. This book also breaks new ground by linking to video screenshots (check them out now!) that show you exactly what to do.

Compatibility: This title covers Dreamweaver 8 and should also work well for folks running the older Dreamweaver MX2004. Although our plans may change, at this time, we do not plan to update this title for the new Dreamweaver CS3.

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More Info

Read this book to learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How can I experiment with different type formats?
  • Can I control exactly where text and graphics appear on my pages?
  • What’s the best way to make a navigation bar that will help people find their way around my site?
  • I want all my pages to have the same header and footer - how do I set up a template that automatically takes care of these repeating elements?
  • How do I transfer my site to a Web server from within Dreamweaver?

Where did the video screenshots go?

We had to move them in our recent server transition - they’re here.

Update Plans

We have no plans to update this book for Dreamweaver CS3 or later.

Posted by Adam Engst

The Author

Arnie Keller is a professor of Professional Writing at the University of Victoria, where he teaches about Web design, electronic expression, and Web-based documentation. He has written several books on technical writing and has contributed articles about Web authoring tools to MacWEEK and MacUser.