Class Copies and User Group Discount

Take Control Books offers special discounts for teachers and members of Apple and PC user groups.

Class Copies

If you teach a class about the subject matter of one of our books, we can supply discounted class copies for you to distribute to your students. Class copies are sold in sets of 10, and the cost for every 10 copies is twice the single-copy price (so, for example, if a book costs $14.99, you can get 10 class copies for $29.98). Class copies are watermarked with the class name to discourage sharing.

In the future we will have an automated order form here for you to specify which book(s) you want class copies of, in what quantity, and with what watermark. Until that functionality has been enabled, please contact us, let us know how many copies of which book(s) you want, and tell us the name of the organization or the class to be included in the watermark. We’ll then send you a PayPal payment request, which you can pay either by PayPal or by credit/debit card. Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, we’ll send you a download link for your watermarked PDF.

User Group Discount

Take Control Books offers a 30% discount to members of established Apple and PC user groups, via a coupon code that applies to all full-price titles. Because we have no independent way to verify an individual’s user group membership, we instead send information on our latest releases and how to obtain the discount to user group leaders, and ask them to share it within their groups. If you’re a user group member, please ask your group leader for details. And, if you’re a user group leader who’s not already on our list, we can fix that! Contact us using your official user group email address and we’ll get you set up.