Are Your Bits Flipped?

A single “flipped bit” can crash a reliable app.
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We offer discounted distribution rights to teachers who wish to use an ebook with a class, and to Macintosh/Apple User Groups who wish to use an ebook in connection with a presentation, a member incentive, or other group-related reason. The prices listed below enable you to distribute an ebook to up to ten students or user group members; if you need distribution rights for more than ten people, you can purchase more in ten-person blocks.

To apply for discount pricing, fill out the form below. The form emails us a copy of your application, and we’ll get back to you promptly with details about how to proceed.

Once we’ve received payment, we’ll create a custom-stamped version of the PDF for you to distribute. After that, it’s up to you to distribute the ebook, using a thumb drive, email, or whatever method you like. Students can register a PDF by clicking Ebook Extras on the cover; EPUB and Mobipocket versions are also available from the Ebook Extras page.

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