Manage your schedule more effectively using Calendar and Reminders!

Take Control of
Calendar and Reminders

Second Edition
Scholle McFarland

Learn how to unlock the full potential of Apple’s Calendar and Reminders! In Take Control of Calendar and Reminders, Mac expert Scholle McFarland helps you get the most out of these apps, showing you how to customize them, sync data across devices, and share meeting invitations and reminder lists. You’ll also learn how to use Siri as a shortcut, and how to fix common problems.

All Take Control books are delivered in three ebook formats—PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle)—and can be read on nearly any device.

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In the days before personal computers and mobile devices, we had to rely on paper calendars and to-do lists to help us organize our time and activities. Now, we have powerful tools, like Apple’s Calendar and Reminders, that are much more responsive to our needs. Put an event on your schedule, invite others to join, or set yourself an alarm (or more than one). Or, keep a list of to-do items, add to it and view it on all your Apple devices, and share your list with family or friends.

In this book, veteran Mac journalist and editor Scholle McFarland will guide you through getting to know these incredibly helpful apps, including lesser-known (but handy) features. For example, did you know that in Calendar you can set an alert for when you need to leave for an event, based on the travel time calculated using the location you entered for the event? Or that Reminders can prompt you to do something not only at a certain time, but also once you’ve reached a specific destination, like the grocery store?

If you’ve never taken the opportunity to explore Calendar and Reminders, this book will show you how to make them an important part of your daily routine. If you’ve already been using Calendar and Reminders, you’ll learn how to use them more effectively, troubleshoot common problems, and delve deeper into their capabilities.

This fully revised second edition is now fully up to date with Mojave and iOS 12, and it has been expanded with new topics and lots of additional tips.

Let Scholle walk you through how to get the best out of Calendar and Reminders, including how to:

  • Customize Calendar to your liking, from setting time zones, to color coding specific calendars
  • Create events, making them repeat at regular intervals or on certain dates
  • Set up notifications and alerts, so you never miss an event
  • Invite people to events, or share your calendar with them
  • Create, manage, and share lists in Reminders
  • Set alarms in Reminders at a certain time or a certain place
  • Use Siri to save time when creating events or reminders
  • Use Siri Shortcuts to automate common tasks with Calendar and Reminders
  • Easily check events and reminders on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch
  • Troubleshoot common problems in Calendar and Reminders
  • Share calendars and reminders using iCloud Family Sharing
  • Sort reminders on your Mac
  • Print a calendar (to paper or PDF)
Scholle McFarland

About Scholle McFarland

Scholle McFarland has been covering the Mac since 1996 as an editor at MacUser magazine and then Macworld. During that time, she witnessed Apple transform from everyone’s favorite “doomed” company to everyone’s actually favorite company and is still amazed by the whole thing.

When she’s not working as a freelance writer and editor, Scholle (“Sholly”) likes to hang out with her family, friends, and many animals in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

The second edition of Take Control of Calendar and Reminders is updated for macOS Mojave as well as the latest version of iOS and watchOS available in June 2019. Along with hundreds of small changes in the book, larger revisions include:

  • A workaround that lets you see calendar events in a list on your Mac.
  • Details about how to print your calendar (to paper or PDF), which is especially useful if you want to hang up a hard copy of the month’s calendar for the family, email a list of events to colleagues, or print blank calendars.
  • More Siri tips, including how to use Siri to make a call reminder. I also include a video that demonstrates using Siri with Reminders and walk you through what to do when the wrong device answers “Hey Siri.”
  • A tip about typing reminders on your Mac using natural language. See "Set a Time and Date."
  • A section on how to sort reminders, which is especially handy if you categorize your reminders by priority. (See "Make a Reminder High Priority.")
  • A tip showing you how to create a location-based reminder that alerts you to do something when you get in or out of your Bluetooth- or CarPlay-enabled car. See "Your Car Is a Location, Too!"
  • A discussion of how to tap into Siri Shortcuts that includes a list of pre-made Calendar and Reminders shortcuts you can use to automate common tasks.
  • How to add Calendar and Reminders complications to an Apple Watch face using the Watch app on your iPhone. (See "Check on Your Apple Watch.")
  • Tips throughout showing how to use Apple’s smart speaker, the HomePod, with Calendar and Reminders. See, in particular, "Set Up Personal Requests on a HomePod" and "Check on the HomePod."
  • More iOS tips, including a substantially updated section about using notifications on your iOS device.

July 14, 2019—We plan to release a minor (and free) update to this book to cover changes to Calendar & Reminders in Catalina and iOS 13/iPadOS 13 later in 2019.


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