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Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera
Dec 06, 2007

Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera, Third Edition

Find practical, real-world advice that helps you choose a digital camera!

Rather than bury you with arcane technical details or a myriad of camera models, Larry first helps you determine how much you want to spend, what sort of pictures you’re likely to take, and what aspects of using a camera are important to you. With that grounding, you’re ready to learn about the different camera features, separated by those that are actually important and those that merely fill up feature checklists. The ebook even contains a camera comparison worksheet you can fill in while shopping. Additional sections give you pointers on how to read camera reviews (plus a list of the best review sites!), advice about evaluating picture quality, suggestions of where to buy your camera, the lowdown on accessories you might want, and tips on working with photos on your computer.

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"I wrote this book because I was frustrated that nobody reviews cameras or gives camera buying advice based on how working photographers actually use cameras to create pictures. The camera is ultimately just a tool, one that either helps or hinders the photographic process."    —Laurence Chen

Update Plans

January 2, 2008 – We have no plans to update the text of Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera in the near future.

Posted by Adam S Khan

The Author

Laurence Chen is a professional photographer and adjunct faculty member teaching photography at Seattle Pacific University. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Sunset Magazine, America 24/7, and many other places.