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Take Control of
Your Browser

Robyn Weisman

Your web browser is the gateway to a vast array of information and apps. This book helps you master this essential app, finding the best browser for your needs and configuring it to work just the way you want.

All Take Control books are delivered in three ebook formats—PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle)—and can be read on nearly any device.

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For most of us, the one app we couldn’t possibly live without is a web browser. You can do almost anything in a browser these days…but are you browsing with one hand tied behind your back? It’s easy to get into inefficient browsing habits, but you might be surprised at what a little know-how about this everyday tool can do for your efficiency and happiness.

Take Control of Your Browser, by veteran tech writer Robyn Weisman, helps you discover your browser’s hidden talents, increase browsing speed, solve many common problems, and configure settings and extensions for maximum efficiency. If you’re troubled by ads, frustrated by ineffective searches, or confused by inscrutable error messages, this book will help you overcome your problems. Beginners will find lots of practical how-to advice, and even power users will learn tips and tricks for better browsing.

This book answers many common questions, including the following:

  • What are the similarities and differences among browsers—and how can I choose the right browser (or more than one!) for my needs?
  • What makes Chrome, Firefox, and Safari the “big three” browsers and why should I care?
  • Is Internet Explorer still a good choice for Windows users? (Spoiler: no!) What about Microsoft Edge?
  • When should I consider less-popular browsers such as Brave, Opera, Tor, and Vivaldi?
  • What are my options if I accidentally close a tab or window (or lots of them) in my browser?
  • How do I address the common problem of tab overload?
  • What are the quickest ways to navigate through browser tabs and windows?
  • Are bookmarks even a thing anymore? Should I use them always, never, or only on occasion?
  • Which search engine should I use, and how can I find exactly what I’m looking for in a web search?
  • How can I protect my privacy and security while browsing the web?
  • How do web cookies work, and what can I do to block the ones I don’t want?
  • Is there some way to stop the endless curse of autoplaying video?
  • Are private browsing modes truly private?
  • How can I safely make purchases in my browser?
  • My browser is doing something annoying (autoplaying videos, showing tons of ads, pestering me with notifications, etc.). How can I fix it?
  • What can I do if a page just won’t load properly?
  • Are there any tricks I can use to make my web browsing quicker and more efficient? (Yes!)
  • Should I be using extensions to add features to my browser? If so, which ones?
  • How can I sync my bookmarks, tabs, and other browser data across all my devices?
  • What should I be aware of when using a browser on my iOS or Android device?

This book covers popular browser for both Mac and Windows, along with an introduction to browser basics for iOS and Android.

Robyn Weisman

About Robyn Weisman

Robyn Weisman is a longtime technology writer, mostly focused on the enterprise IT space. She fell into technology writing as a way to support herself after graduating from film school and discovered that it was something she liked doing for its own sake.

After working as a freelance copywriter for general IT and cybersecurity companies, Robyn is now senior content writer at Venafi, a cybersecurity company focused on managing and protecting SSL/TLS, SSH, and other types of machine identities.

Robyn Weisman Discusses Browsers on MacVoices

Posted by Joe Kissell on May 23, 2019

Robyn Weisman, author of Take Control of Your Browser, joined Chuck Joiner of MacVoices to talk about her new book.

July 14, 2019—We plan to release a minor (and free) update to this book to cover changes in Catalina and iOS 13/iPadOS 13 later in 2019.


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