The definitive documentation for the Bookle EPUB reader.

Take Control of

Adam C. Engst

This free ebook documents the new Bookle EPUB reader for Mac OS X, which we created in collaboration with Stairways Software. You’ll learn how to add EPUBs to your Bookle library, navigate among and within EPUBs, change fonts and colors, and listen to EPUBs. There’s also a chapter on finding books in EPUB format and creating your own EPUBs.

This product has been discontinued.

The EPUB format has become a mainstay for electronic books, but while the iBooks app does a good job in iOS, Apple hasn’t ported it to Mac OS X. Here at TidBITS Publishing, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and, with the programming work done by our friend Peter Lewis of Stairways Software, we’ve created Bookle, a straightforward, elegant EPUB reader for Mac OS X that maintains a library of your EPUBs.

In the free Take Control of Bookle, you’ll learn how to add DRM-free EPUB files to Bookle’s internal library, remove unwanted EPUBs, and quickly switch among your books using the Library list in Bookle’s sidebar. Then you’ll learn how to scroll around within an EPUB using the mouse, trackpad, and keyboard. You can change the font, size, and background color for most EPUBs, and you can even have Bookle read out loud to you. A final chapter helps you find thousands of EPUB-formatted books to read—many of them free—and learn which tools you can use to create your own EPUBs.

Bookle costs only $9.99 from the Mac App Store, and this book—which is also included in Bookle’s EPUB library—is free, so you can get a sense of what Bookle can do before buying the software. Bookle is so easy to use that this ebook can document everything about the program in a mere 32 pages, nearly a third of which are front and back matter. Do note that Bookle cannot open DRM-shackled EPUBs; there’s more discussion in the book of this anti-competitive behavior.

About Bookle 1.0: Our goal with Bookle 1.0 was to make it available quickly so people could start reading EPUBs on their Macs. Because of that, we postponed some advanced features—such as full library management—until we have a better sense of how people are using the program. And, to be honest, we didn’t want to do too much right away in case Apple decides to add EPUB support to Preview or Safari. Check the Bookle UserVoice forum to see and vote for future features.

Adam Engst

About Adam C. Engst

Adam C. Engst is the publisher of TidBITS and the TidBITS Content Network. He has written numerous technical books, including Take Control of Preview and the best-selling Internet Starter Kit series, and many magazine articles—thanks to Contributing Editor positions at MacUser, MacWEEK, and Macworld. He has been turned into an action figure.

Does Bookle do...?

Bookle is intentionally simple right now, so if a feature isn't documented in this book, it doesn't yet exist. Note that yet, though. You can see and vote on current feature ideas in our Bookle UserVoice forum, plus suggest new ones.

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  • Although we have no schedule at the moment, we'll be updating this book to keep pace with significant changes in Bookle.