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YouTube Debuts New Mobile Site as an Alternative to the iPad App

YouTube has introduced a mobile version of its site at According to YouTube, the mobile version’s features are more in alignment with the full Web site’s features and the mobile site does not use Flash, so all the videos should play on the iPad. If you decide to try the site, note that once a video is playing, you can access the playback controls by tapping the playing video. Once you’ve done this, the video plays in an iPad-like interface, complete with playback controls. Rotate the iPad to the landscape (horizontal) position to view the largest image.

The mobile version may have more to do clashing titans of the tech industry (YouTube’s parent company is Google) than with user’s needs, but it certainly offers iPad users another option for viewing YouTube videos.

If you like the mobile site and want to view it quickly from your Home screen, you can make a “Web clip” of the site: Go to the site in Safari, tap the plus (+) button on the toolbar, and then Tap Add to Home Screen. Then, name the clip and tap the Add button. The iPad will respond by switching to the Home screen and showing an icon for the clip you created. Tap the icon to quickly return to the mobile YouTube site.

If you’d like to read more about the mobile YouTube site, here are two good resources:

The site is currently in English only, but localized versions are expected.

Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)