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When Bookle Displays Gibberish

Users of Bookle may see some EPUBs that display gibberish instead of text when those books are loaded into Bookle. This indicates that the book has been protected with some form of DRM (digital rights management) protection. For example, most non-free books in Apple’s iBookstore are protected with Apple’s FairPlay DRM system; similarly, EPUBs available from the OverDrive collections now offered by many public libraries are protected by Adobe’s DRM system. Unfortunately, Bookle cannot display protected books and there is no easy way for Bookle to detect whether or not DRM protection has been applied to an EPUB, although the program’s developers are working to add that feature. In the meantime, if you see gibberish instead of text in an EPUB in Bookle, chances are good that you are trying to read a protected book.

Posted by Michael E. Cohen (Permalink)