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What’s New Since the Lightroom CC Book Release

Adobe recently updated Lightroom for Windows and Mac to version 3.0 (dropping the “CC” in the name), though you may have noticed that Take Control of Lightroom CC still covers version 1.0. Unfortunately, sales of the book have not yet merited the time it would take to update it for the latest Lightroom version.

So we’re offering you a great deal. The improvements Adobe has made to Lightroom have nearly all been additions to the core organizing and editing functionality, which means the book is still approximately 90% accurate and useful. It just doesn’t include the new bells and whistles. As such, we don’t want to kill the book, so we’re offering it for just $5.00—that’s 67% off its original price!

Take Control of Lightroom CC includes what you need to know about editing your photos, organizing them, and syncing them with Creative Cloud. Here are the main features that the program has added since the book was released:

  • The People feature does a great job identifying the folks in your images—much better than Lightroom Classic, even.

  • You can merge panorama and HDR (high dynamic range) shots, and even merge a series of photos that were shot as both HDR and panoramas, using the Photomerge features.

  • Lightroom supports profiles that interpret how raw images appear, including camera-specific ones. They don’t affect the controls in the Light, Color, or other panels.

  • Adobe added a new Texture control that acts as a fine-grained Clarity slider.

  • There are more sharing options, such as presets for large and small image sizes. (Although the option to post directly to Facebook has been removed.) You can also share groups of photos or albums to web galleries that can remain private or available to anyone with the address.

  • A new Home screen includes lots of guided tutorials for learning new techniques.

We’re always listening to feedback from readers and evaluating future titles, so if there’s enough interest in the book, we may look into updating it for upcoming releases. Until then, grab it now for just $5.00 if you don’t own it already.