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What You Get with a 1Password Individual Subscription

AgileBits is now offering a new way to pay for 1Password in the form of a monthly individual subscription. You can still pay for the app (or use the free version of the iOS app), just as in the past, but you can also switch to a $2.99 per month subscription (billed annually).

Subscribers receive these benefits:

  • Sign up before September 21, 2016, and get 6 months free
  • Free use of all 1Password apps on all platforms
  • Automatic sync with 1Password’s cloud service (this service is also used by 1Password for Families and 1Password for Teams)
  • Web-based access to your data
  • Item history for restoring accidentally edited or deleted items
  • Secure document storage
  • A special two-factor security measure, called Account Key
  • Cancel at any time and you can export your data

For more about the new personal subscription option, see the TidBITS article 1Password Introduces Individual Subscriptions and the AgileBits blog post that introduces individual subscriptions.

Speaking for myself, I signed my family up for 1Password for Families last spring, partly to test the service so that I could more effectively help with editing this book, but also because my family had reached a point where sharing highly secure passwords easily felt essential. Because I’m already using 1Password for Families, there’s no reason for me to consider a personal subscription as well (AgileBits has a Web page that compares the two services and offers Sign Up buttons).

Should you sign up for an individual subscription? If you’ll save more money by signing up, or if the features look attractive, or if you just want to support AgileBits by providing them with a more even and predictable amount of cash flow, then go for it! If not, you can continue using 1Password just as you have in the past.