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Various Sharing Facts & Tips

I just learned a few facts which might aid readers of this book regarding a few semi-related areas. These are noted below.

Sharing Only Users Limited to AFP

In the current edition of the book, I don’t made it clear that Sharing Only users can only access volumes over a network via AFP (Apple Filing Protocol). Only full account users can access volumes via FTP and Samba, as well as AFP.

FTP Doesn’t Restrict Access to Shared Folders

While this might be obvious, I never stated in the book that Leopard’s FTP server doesn’t limit access to those users connecting via FTP to just the volumes and folders specific in the Shared Folders list. FTP doesn’t have a mechanism that allows a selection from among multiple volumes. Thus FTP users who connect can traverse all hard drives and mounted volumes on a system through paths that they have at least read-only access to.

This is another reason to not use Apple’s FTP server - or to use FTP at all, in my book (figuratively and literally).

Guest Users Have No FTP Access


p>While mentioned in the book in passing, I have confirmed with Apple that the lack of access to a computer via FTP using the password-free Guest account is not a bug; it’s intentional.

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