Master Siri with our comprehensive guide!

Discover the hidden capabilities of Siri on all your Apple
devices with Take Control of Siri by Scholle McFarland.

Take Control of Siri—Videos

These videos illustrate techniques for using Siri, based on Take Control of Siri by Scholle McFarland:

How to Change Siri’s Voice

How to Use Siri with Reminders

10 Types of Questions You Can Ask Siri

How to Use Siri in the Kitchen

10 Ways to Use Siri on the Mac

How to Get Help with Siri in an Emergency

Coming Soon…

The following videos are in the works. We hope to have them available by March 23 or so. Check back in the next few days!

How to Use Siri in the Car

How to Control Your Music with Siri

10 Cool Things You Can Do with Siri

Siri’s Best Jokes and Puns

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