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Screen Sharing Remains Nearly Identical in Mountain Lion Update

If you wondered if this book remains relevant with today’s release of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Mountain Lion uses screen sharing almost identically to Lion (10.7), with two small improvements.

First, the contents of the Clipboard are automatically passed back and forth with the remote machine when you switch to a Screen Sharing app’s session. Whatever is in the Clipboard on your local computer is automatically transferred to the remote machine’s Clipboard when you bring its window to the foreground. While using the remote machine, anything you copy to its Clipboard is likewise transferred back to your local Mac when you switch to another application.

This can be convenient, but you might dislike such behavior as well. If so, you can disable this option in Preferences by removing the check from Use Shared Clipboard, or, in a screen-sharing session, select Edit > Disable Shared Clipboard or click the Shared Clipboard button in a sharing session’s toolbar to deselect it. The manual Clipboard transfer buttons are now labeled Get Clipboard and Send Clipboard, are available in the Edit menu when the Shared Clipboard option is disabled, or from any shared window’s toolbar.

The Screen Sharing app also now allows drag-and-drop file transfers, whether from a local computer to the remote one or vice-versa. Just drag a file into the window or out of it, and it’s copied with the progress shown in the File Transfers window (Window > File Transfers). That is a great help as it means you no longer have to set up an AFP file-sharing sessions or use another means to move files between your local and remote computer.

Posted by Glenn Fleishman (Permalink)