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Saturday Report: June 19, 2021

As regular readers know, I customarily post updates every Friday, and it is now late on Saturday. The entire past week has been occupied with our previously mentioned Major Life Project. One component of that project is that our family has moved (or, rather, is still in the process of moving) to a new home in our neighborhood. (N.B. The company’s mailing address remains the same.) That move was a gigantic undertaking for reasons I’ll refrain from enumerating. In any case, just that portion of our project has been all-consuming and utterly exhausting. It will be a couple of weeks or more before we’re settled enough here to move on to the next slice of the Major Life Project.

Although I do hope to resume my usual Take Control tasks in the coming days, it will be at least two or three more weeks before I can devote anything resembling full-time effort to my job. All I can really say is that progress is occurring, but not nearly fast enough.