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Reminders and Notes Web Apps Appear at, Plus Small Mail Changes

Well, I must be psychic. I predicted (OK, passed along rumors) that the Web site would split Reminders into its own app rather than keep it as part of Calendar (second paragraph, p. 102) and would similarly split Notes off from Mail (first paragraph, p. 123). Both of these things have in fact just happened. Other than the fact that these features are now located in different places than before, there are no real surprises—they look and act just as you would expect, which is to say pretty much like their OS X and iOS counterparts. So, nothing much to say about those except, “Look, there they are.”

It looks like there are some minor changes to the Mail app on too:

  • VIPs now appear on, and sync automatically with VIPs you’ve set using Mail in Mountain Lion (and presumably with the forthcoming iOS 6 version of Mail). You can find VIPs under the VIP category in the sidebar. To designate a sender as a VIP, click the sender’s address and then check the VIP box.
  • On the Composing preference pane, the pop-up menu that used to be called “Send new messages from” is now called “Set a default address,” but it appears to work the same way. However, below that, you can check or uncheck boxes for each of your,, or (soon) addresses (including aliases) to enable or disable them as options for sending mail in the Mail app.