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Putting a PDF on an iWeb Site

Reader Peter W. wrote in with the excellent suggestion that the ebook give directions for placing a PDF on an iWeb site. Peter pointed out that you can drag a PDF file from the Finder to an iWeb page and iWeb will then display the first page of the PDF as a thumbnail-sized image. For a one-page PDF with big type and graphics, that might be sufficient.

However, Peter also noted that you can select the thumbnail in iWeb, open the Inspector’s Link pane, click the Hyperlink button, select the “Enable as hyperlink” checkbox, and choose A File from the Link To pop-up menu. Select the PDF in the resulting Open dialog and click the Open button. Now, once you next publish the site, site visitors can click the thumbnail in order to download the PDF. You could also link text on an iWeb page to a downloadable PDF, using the same basic technique in the Inspector.

I tried dragging a few other files into iWeb to see what would happen. When I dragged a TextEdit file to iWeb from the Finder, iWeb inserted the contents of the TextEdit document into the iWeb page. When I dragged a Microsoft Word 2008 file, iWeb added the filename of the document to my iWeb page.

Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)