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Old News for “Take Control of Your iPhone,” First Edition

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Fix 5002 Error When Updating iPhone Apps

For the last week or so users have been experiencing an App Store error when updating their apps in iTunes 8. Apple’s discussion boards have discovered several fixes for the problem. You can read about it in my _TidBITS_ article, Fix 5002 Error When Updating iPhone Apps.

Power Adapter Recall for iPhone 3G

September 22, 2008 – Apple has recalled the subcompact power adapter that ships with the iPhone 3G. You can read about it in Glenn Fleishman’s _TidBITS_ article, Apple Recalls Its Supercool iPhone 3G USB Power Plug. Apparently the new plugs will have green dots on them, in order to differentiate them from the old ones.

Free SMS on Your iPhone via AIM

July 29, 2008 – If you’re contending with paying for text messaging on your new iPhone 3G, check out Jeff Carlson’s recent _TidBITS_ article, Send SMS for Free via AIM on iPhone, to learn whether iChat/AIM could keep those messages flowing at no charge.

Review of iPhone Headsets

July 28, 2008 – _TidBITS_ recently published Hands-Free iPhone Options for the Car, which looks at headset options from Apple, Plantronics, Belkin, Monster, and Parrot.

Dealing with iPhone/touch App Crashes


p>July 28, 2008 – If you’re having trouble with your iPhone, and if you think it’s app related, check out Ted’s recent Macworld article, Bugs & Fixes: Dealing with iPhone app bugs and crashes. He tells you when (and how) to restart, advises you to stay up-to-date, and suggests that you get rid of problematic apps (by deleting them; he explains how to delete ‘em and notes that you can get a deleted app that you paid for back later for free).

Wi-Fi Security Tip

April 30, 2008 – According to security expert Rich Mogull, you should consider the security implications of letting your iPhone “know” about Wi-Fi networks that it has previously connected to, especially if your iPhone memorizes a Wi-Fi network configured with a common name, like tsunami. To remove a Wi-Fi network from an iPhone’s list of known networks, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the More Info icon for any listed known network, and tap Forget this Network. For more info, see Rich’s recent article, iPhone Security Tip: Never Memorize Wireless Networks.

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