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PDFpen and PDFpenPro 5.7 Updates Add iCloud Support; PDFpen for iPad App Completes the Trifecta

Smile Software has released free updates to both PDFpen and PDFpenPro that add iCloud support. The new feature in version 5.7 of the two Mac apps allows them to access PDFs stored in Apple’s iCloud. For those who have purchased PDFpen or PDFpenPro from the Mac App Store, the iCloud functionality is built-in; those who purchased either application directly from Smile must also purchase the $1.00 PDFpen Cloud Access app from the Mac App Store in order to access this functionality. (“Why?” you may ask. Because Apple allows only apps sold from its App Store to access iCloud directly: see Smile’s FAQ for more about this.)

With this new functionality, users can choose Open from iCloud and Move to iCloud commands directly from the File menu in either PDFpen application. Note, by the way, that the latter command is “Move” and not “Copy”: invoking the command saves the PDF document in iCloud’s storage and removes it from your Mac’s local storage.

iCloud access becomes especially smile-worthy when used in conjunction with the new $9.99 PDFpen for iPad app that Smile released on the eve of Macworld | iWorld Expo this year. This app provides much of the PDF editing power available to its Mac-based older siblings (including such niceties as the capability of building your own library of objects to insert into PDFs), along, of course, with full iCloud access, making it easy to work with a PDF on the iPad and then pick it up for additional work on your Mac.

Posted by Michael E. Cohen (Permalink)