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Our New Website

If you’ve been to this site before, you might notice that things are a bit…different. We’ve moved to a new content management system, a new server, and a new payment processor. So, yes: every bit of what you see here is different from how it used to be, but the books are the same. Welcome!

We’ve imported most of the content, including customer and order records, from the old site, but a few things either didn’t make the transition at all or are not quite finished yet. We had to get the new site online before our old payment processor, eSellerate, shut down on July 1, but due to a long list of reasons that amounted to “too much to do; too little time,” we hadn’t finished recreating all the features of the old site yet by that point (and still haven’t, but we’re making progress). For the latest list of what’s not quite there, see our regularly updated status update page.

Even though we’re not finished reimplementing old features and adding new features, this new site already has a few distinct advantages over the old one—for example:

  • We now support Apple Pay!
  • Our site layout makes it much easier for you to find our books. (On the old site, you couldn’t even search for a title on the main catalog page, because it showed only thumbnails of the covers, not the text of the titles.) It’s also a bit friendlier on mobile devices.
  • We’ve made it much easier for you to see which of the books you own have new versions (free or paid) available, and we’ve made it easier for you to buy paid upgrades. Speaking of which…
  • You can now buy multiple discounted upgrades in the same order—the one-coupon-per-order limitation is gone. (However, you still can’t apply multiple discounts to a single item, nor can you combine individual product discounts with our automatic build-your-own-bundle discount, which gives you 30% off any three or more full-price titles purchased at once.)
  • We now collect much less information about you when you check out.
  • Our blog is now easier to find!

And remember, we’re not done yet: there will be still more improvements in the coming weeks and months.

Although things aren’t in quite the same places they were before, I hope you’ll find most of the site self-explanatory. If you’re unable to find something after poking around a bit, or if something not mentioned in the status update is not working, please contact us. However, keep in mind that because we’re furiously adding features and fixing bugs, responses may be delayed—and every hour we spend answering email is an hour we can’t spend improving the site.

Anyway…have a look around, buy some books, and be sure to check back from time to time, as we make the site even better.

Update (July 28, 2019): I had a talk with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices about the new site. This video may provide some useful information and/or perspective.