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Optional Search Engines in Safari 4.1

Safari has long used Google as its built-in Web search engine of choice: the search field in the toolbar searched through Google. With the Apple-Google honeymoon apparently over, Safari 4.1 provides two additional choices for the search field: Yahoo and Bing.

While Google is still the default choice, you can change it either in the General pane of Safari’s Preferences or from the menu that drops down from the search field when you click on the magnifying glass.

  • In Safari Preferences: Open the General pane in Safari preferences and choose a search engine from the Default Search Engine menu.

  • From the search field menu: Select the search engine you want, and it changes the setting in the Preference pane, too.

If you’ve already done a search with one search engine and the text is still in the search field, selecting another from the menu instantly performs the search with that engine, using the text in the field.

Posted by Sharon Zardetto (Permalink)