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New Shuffle, iTunes 8.1


p>Apple has released a new shuffle model, which is noteworthy for its even tinier size and its quadrupled storage capacity (now 4 GB) compared to the previous shuffle model. It also comes with headset-based buttons and new voice capabilities. You can learn more in the TidBITS article, 3rd Generation iPod shuffle Shrinks, Gets Mouthy. To support the new shuffle (and to add various enhancements), Apple has also released iTunes 8.1. iTunes 8.1 changes the name of the Party Shuffle feature to iTuens DJ and makes it possible for iPhone and iPod touch users to use the Remote 1.2 app to vote on songs they’d lke to hear. iTunes 8.1 also changes the way the Autofill sync works and adds other tweaks. To learn more, see the TidBITS article, iTunes 8.1 Enhances DJ Capabilities. –Tonya

Apple Announces New iPods

September 10, 2008 – Apple yesterday announced another round of new iPods: a new nano that has a slightly different size and the capability to flip the screen from horizontal to vertical, just like the iPhone; a classic that has slightly different specs and that supports the new iTunes Genius feature; and a new iPod touch that has a few tweaks and a built-in speaker. For more details and some analysis on how the new models compare with the old ones, and the iPhone, see Adam’s write-up in TidBITS, in Apple Reveals New iPod Nano and Updated iPod touch. –Tonya

January and February 2008 iPod News: New Shuffle, New Pink Nano

Apple has introduced a new shuffle that offers 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB, and they’ve dropped the price of the older 1-GB model. They’ve also released a pink nano, perhaps in order to have it available as a Valentine’s Day gift. See Apple Drops iPod shuffle Price, Introduces 2 GB Model in TidBITS for more details.

Recycling an Old iPod

May 3, 2007 – Although this ebook doesn’t have a section about how you can take your iPod so far beyond the music that you replace it with a newer one, some readers may find themselves owning an older iPod that they no longer need, even to serve as an alarm clock or auxiliary portable for bringing music to friends’ houses. Although there’s a lot to be said for passing a no-longer-wanted iPod to someone else who might enjoy it, if you have an iPod that’s no longer wanted, you can recycle it and get 10 percent off the purchase of a new one. Steve Jobs wrote about this in his “A Greener Apple” letter, posted on the Apple Web site on May 2, 2007.

Here’s what Steve wrote: “Let me take a moment to talk specifically about iPods, even though they are included in the above data. All of Apple’s U.S. retail stores, which now number more than 150, take back unwanted iPods for environmentally friendly disposal free of charge. As an incentive, we even offer customers a 10% discount on a new iPod when they bring their old iPod to our stores for proper disposal. This summer we’re expanding it to Apple retail stores worldwide, and we’re also extending it to include free shipping from anywhere in the U.S. No product purchases are required for any of our free take back programs. In a few months, we think we’ll have ‘best of breed’ iPod recycling programs in the U.S., and we plan to continue to expand our free iPod recycling programs globally in the future.”

Right now, I would imagine that you’d contact an Apple Store to learn about iPod recycling. Apple may also update their “Apple and the Environment” page to provide more info in the soon.

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