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New iPads, Oh My!

Until last week, the iPad line-up consisted of three basic models: the original iPad, the iPad 2, and the 3rd-generation iPad.

Last week, Apple announced two new iPad models: the 4th-generation iPad and the iPad mini. Now, the line-up looks like this:

  • Original iPad: Still a nice iPad, but it was discontinued even before last week.
  • iPad 2: The oldest iPad still on the market.
  • 3rd-generation iPad: This rather nice iPad was discontinued last week.
  • 4th-generation iPad: Like the 3rd-generation iPad, this new iPad has an exceptionally crisp Retina display. It also has a faster processing chip for overall speedier operations, a slightly different Wi-Fi radio for potentially faster network connections, and a few other hardware improvements.
  • iPad mini: This entirely new iPad comes in a slightly smaller size, and with a lower price tag.

For more about the new iPads, you can read my TidBITS article, Apple Introduces the iPad mini and Fourth-Generation iPad. I also recommend Jeff Carlson’s Seattle Times article, iPad mini looks like a good fit. Jeff was at the Apple announcement, so his article is informed by having actually held a mini.

Posted by Tonya Engst (Permalink)