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More Thoughts on Film-Protecting Your Screen

In Take Control of iPhone OS 3, and in previous editions, Ted discusses third-party protective films that you can install on an iPhone or iPod touch screen. These films reduce smudging from greasy fingers, prevent some scratches, and sometimes have glare-reduction properties. For the iPhone 3GS (the model introduced 2009), which has an oil-resistant screen, the film is less useful, since fingerprints are less of an issue.

Recently, Apple announced that it plans to stop carrying such films in the Apple Stores. This caused Ted to analyze why Apple might have done so and to share his latest opinion on the films, which you can find in his essay, Apple’s so-called “ban” on protective films.

If you considering installing a film, note this bit from Ted’s essay: “These products are notoriously difficult to ‘install.’ Frequently, you wind up with air bubbles or dust specks under the film…. Added to this is that the ‘oleophobic’ coating on Apple’s latest products make such films less needed (although not entirely without value). It’s a toss-up. Personally, I no longer use these films. But I know others who swear by them.”

You may also enjoy reading the iLounge news article linked from Ted’s essay and its associated responses to common reader comments.

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