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MobileMe and iDisk to End

Apple has announced the end of its MobileMe service, effective 30 June 2012, and has also announced that many of its functions will find equivalents in the new iCloud service from Apple, due to debut sometime in the last quarter of 2011. As it turns out, however, the iDisk storage and its file-sharing features provided by MobileMe (as described on pp. 32-36) are not going to be replaced by equivalent features in iCloud. Apple provides some details what iCloud will include and what it won’t in its Mobile Me transition page (you can also read more about the transition in the TidBITS article, “Apple Details Transition from MobileMe to iCloud,” 24 June 2011). Apple also provides a support article, “MobileMe: How to save files on your MobileMe iDisk to your Mac or Windows PC,” to help you manage the end of the iDisk service.

Posted by Michael E. Cohen (Permalink)